Digital Health Catalyst Projects

DayOne helps shape the future of health with Catalyst Projects that tackle bottleneck issues in healthcare innovation which cannot be addressed in silos. By crossing disciplines and industries, new solutions that connect digital health, data and artificial intelligence are on the horizon.

Sharing your knowledge or expertise with others through collaboration could spark groundbreaking innovation, new technology or processes. That’s exactly what Catalyst Projects in the Basel Area are all about.

Types of Catalyst Projects

Projects can be of all types, ranging from ideation sessions to better scope issues, workshops to develop solutions addressing these issues, through to business case development and solution deployment.

These projects bring together research, development, practitioners, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and business communities, extending cooperative efforts across companies, institutions and disciplines to develop new market potential.

Ideation session

Solutions workshops

Business deployment

Collaboration and innovation

Catalyst Projects help develop innovation topics within communities, extending cooperative efforts across companies and disciplines to harvest new market potential. They range from one-time workshops to initiatives that run for several years in order to develop an innovation topic further.

Collaboration groups form a community that extends across companies and disciplines in order to grow new markets or develop solutions for local needs.

Some topics that we are currently working on include:

The Aging Well Catalyst Project

A series of workshops that bring together different stakeholders (public health, hospitals, senior care, pharma, technology, general public, etc.) to identify and elevate the innovation needs and opportunities in the field of aging and design collaborative approaches to tackle them. Themes include: Mobility, The Future of Aging, Human Centered Care Transition, Nutrition, Living Labs and Wealth Management.

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The DayOne Digital Health Data Scenario Project

Bringing together experts from different stakeholders to collaborate hands-on in exploring and outlining the main building blocks of a health data ecosystem that will impact the future of health — for the better.

Digital Biomarkers

Experts estimate that by 2025, 70 percent of all clinical trials will include digital biomarkers to explain and predict health outcomes. We have already started the conversation about the current applications and regulations and have debated how digital devices such as portables, wearables, implantations or digestibles will shape the future of health. We are planning further sessions on this important topic, that will involve patients, pharma, academia and innovators like you.

Previous catalyst project topics include:

  • Blockchain in Pharma
  • Insurance industry convergence
  • Healthcare collaborations for big pharma
  • Hypercompting capabilities for life sciences and healthcare
  • AI hub for healthcare
  • IMI collaborations in Basel
  • Collaborative business modelling for OoNiDa a health information sharing platform
  • Patient mobility solutions
  • Digital Biomarkers
  • Healthcare delivery in the periphery in the tri-national setting
  • Hospital digital innovation
  • Microtechnology diversification towards medical technologies

Collaborative and non-competitive digital health projects

The projects need to be truly collaborative and in the non-competitive space. Outputs of the workshops are published to the community. An important by product of these projects is to foster a culture of collaboration within the regional healthcare ecosystem.

Initial ideations sessions are free, further development is then co-funded by the interested parties at cost.

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