DayOne helps digital health startups, entrepreneurs and innovators to collaborate and make their new ventures successful. Across our four Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area sites, we offer state-of-the art infrastructure with co-working spaces and a thriving community of great minds.

Our space offerings

Fix and Flex desks

The shared use of office spaces creates opportunities for exchanges, interaction, and collaboration. You can get an assigned desk using the fix desk option, or choose a flex desk if you don’t need a private office or to sit at the same desk every day. You can choose your space at the big collaboration table on a “first come, first serve” basis, which you leave clean and tidy at the end of the workday (clean desk policy).

Meeting space

In addition, to fix and flex desks, you have access to meeting space. In this flexible space, you’ll find movable whiteboard walls and workshop accommodations for up to 40 people. Several different setups are possible.

DayOne Lab

The DayOne Lab at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area (Novartis Campus) provides a unique place for collaboration, creation, and innovation. The lab is dedicated to startups, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators in digital health who are interested in interacting and collaborating with others in the DayOne ecosystem.

DayOne offers access to collaborative workspaces through the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in four locations that feature infrastructure from meeting areas to offices, as well as a broad set of support services to help foster the community.


  • Community Manager on site
  • Trolley (wheeled unit for storing office materials)
  • Access to the IT infrastructure (including connections and broadband internet access)
  • Access to meeting and workshop rooms
  • Access to cafeteria and a common area
  • Toilets, shower and changing facilities
  • Photocopier/printer/scanner
  • Cleaning services
  • Reference on the DayOne and Switzerland Innovation Park (SIP) websites
  • Domicile confirmation at SIP Basel Area in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

You get this all for:

CHF 480

per month for a fixed desk

CHF 350

per month for a flex desk

The locations

Allschwil (Main site)

Focus: Biotech, medtech
Research: Medical devices, robotics, imaging
Programs: BaseLaunch Accelerator
Floorspace: 6,000m2 in place, further development planned for 2022


Focus: Digital Health, HealthTech
Program: DayOne Accelerator
Floorspace: 300m2 incubation space within


Focus: Medtech, Digital Health, HealthTech, Industrial Transformation
Programs: i4Challenge, DayOne Accelerator
Floorspace: 1,000 m² (including incubation space)

Novartis Campus (DayOne Lab)

Focus: Digital Health
Floorspace: 500 m²

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