The first patient-centric Health Hack in Switzerland


…patients sharing their insights and everyday needs arising from dealing with their health conditions; not only being heard, but actively listened to.

… that there is a team of professionals, experts and tech enthusiasts that support these patients to turn their challenges into ideas for feasible solutions.

…a crowd of highly savvy digital talents offering their skills during a two-day hackathon to create first proof of concept solutions for the patient’s challenges.

…that the best of these proof-of-concepts are presented to a world-class international conference of digital health innovators to find ways to continue beyond the hack stage…

Welcome to DayOne Health Hack. We are in preparation for the second edition Q4 2021! Learn more about the DayOne Health Hack 2020 here.  If you are looking to become a partner, please contact us.


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The Journey

It is time to explore new ways to innovate in digital healthcare, bringing the health ecosystem around the patient.

During a two-week virtual hackathon, patients, caregivers, software engineers, as well as healthcare innovators joined forces to co-create tangible proof-of-concept solutions to real-world challenges.

Take a look at the outcomes report for the first edition of the DayOne Health Hack here.

Get involved


Be it as a private individual or as part of an organization or a company, your passion and expertise will fuel the co-creation of the next generation of patient-driven health solutions. We call on patient advocates, caregivers, medical doctors, technology providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance… and creative makers. Your contribution will be most welcome when we start the call for this year’s second hackathon. Sign up now with your expression of interest and we will get back to you with more information. Simply fill out the form below.


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Want to learn more about the Health Hack ? Visit our FAQ page, to see more on the principles; how the Hackathon will work, and more.

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