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The DayOne Digital Health Accelerator Program

We focus on healthcare innovation driven by digital health solutions. Together with supporting partners, we define and deliver the Accelerator each year in a run that includes specific themes, such as value-based healthcare, patient-centered innovation, or diabetes & metabolism.

Our 2022 edition is focused on pain management.

Applications for our Pain Management edition area closed. Stay tuned and be among the first to hear about our next call for applications by registring your interest here.

You are a startup with a creative solution to help people manage their pain? You are supporting people suffering from pain due for example to cancer, post-surgery treatment, arthritis, back pain, or other chronic diseases? We are looking for you! Apply now.

Grasp this opportunity to apply to one of the following thematic categories:

1. Let every patient be a person first!

This includes solutions to improve quality of life, mental well-being, support communities, measure patient-reported outcomes, etc.

2. Empower people to take charge of their health!

This covers solutions for pain education, self-care at home, choice of treatment versus its outcome or impact on daily life, etc.

3. Build bridges between patients and their doctors!

This means solutions to foster interdisciplinary approaches to treatment and shared decision-making, objective pain assessment, tracking of pain assessments, etc.

4. Other pain management solutions

This includes any other solution you believe will help patients manage their pain.

Apply early* and get a chance to win 1 of the 3 spots to pitch at the DayOne Conference on November 4th!

*among the first 50 applicants. Disclaimer: pitching at the conference gives you the opportunity to gain visibility from our network, but does NOT guarantee your final selection for the Acceleration program


Extended Deadline 05.11.2021

Winner benefits

   The 3  selected startups will enter a 3-month acceleration program starting in January 2022, with dedicated workshops, tailored 1:1 coaching, and resources with a total value of up to 45’000 CHF in services for each startup.

    The Accelerator services are free for the participants and no equity is taken.

  The Accelerator program is customized based on the individual needs of each selected team to maximize their odds of success. The program culminates with a Demo Day event showcasing the teams and their progress to industry players, entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders within our health sector ecosystem.

Want to learn more about the Accelerator? Visit our FAQ page, read our conditions of application, and find out more about our partners, alumni, and advisors.

DayOne delivered the workshops and most importantly opened up their network to help build and fine-tune my company's offering and strategy. Outside of the workshops, there are so many resources to take advantage of including coaches, industry experts, publicity, events, and more.

Christof NeumanCo-founder & Director of business development IPDx

We pitched at the DayOne Conference and were chosen to take part in the DayOne Accelerator. Being introduced to the expert network through Basel Area Business & Innovation was an important door opener for Nutrix.

Maria HahnFounder Nutrix

Through our participation in the DayOne Accelerator we have gained invaluable knowledge which we have been able to apply to our own business. It gave us a safe space in which to grow our ideas and investment pitch. The support and input we received from both the accelerator coaches and the rest of the cohort has really helped us to shape the future direction of our business.

Seb TucknottCo-founder IBD Relief

The DayOne Acceleration program was a unique opportunity and covers a large panel of key topics to have in mind while building your med-tech start-up. The know-how and expertise brought by the coaches and experts are immense. It was an enriching experience and I highly recommend it to any start-up!

Gwenaël HannemaCo-founder & CEO InnoSpina

Interesting workshops, expert advice on specific topics, and good discussions among the peers - I learned a lot and we received helpful feedback on our project and approach.

Simone RaischCo-founder SumMed

I particularly appreciated 2 things during the DayOne acceleration program: First, the very friendly atmosphere and trust between the participants and coaches: you need this when you are an entrepreneur because entrepreneurship is hard. Secondly, I enjoyed the intensity of the program because it forced us to remain focus and keep that velocity was absolutely essential to move quickly. DayOne really emphasized the importance of a patient-user-centric approach while designing our experiments.

Jérôme AubertFounder & CEO of NatilaCare

Building a startup is not a piece of cake, particularly when your mission is to create a solution that brings a change in the healthcare field. Luckily, the Day One accelerator's whole purpose is to guide startups through this challenging adventure. With their help, we gained knowledge about how things work in the health-tech ecosystem and we built a valuable network consisting of industry experts and startups that are going through the same challenges. The time and support we received from the Day One team make it a privilege to be part of this great community.

Ana-Maria MelinteCo-Founder Exigo

We have been in another accelerator before, however, it was not as niched as DayOne, and the experience we gained during DayOne was much more valuable for us.
We really liked the interactive formats, where startups were boosted to interact with each other and I liked the coffee discussions in the morning. The workshops were really valuable as we finally got some insights from the healthcare environment. And last but not least, we got some valuable connections from the accelerator.

Daniel CosovanuCo-Founder LAB7

The DayOne Acceleration program was truly an enriching experience. As a program, they cover a lot of relevant topics to have in mind while building your med-tech startup, and as coaches, they have an amazing team with wide expertise and wise advice to give.

Daniel Garcia OlivaresFounder InLight

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