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Conditions of Application for the DayOne Digital Health Acceleration Program

Contact info:

Basel Area Business & Innovation
Dufourstrasse 11
4010 Basel
Email: dayone@baselarea.swiss
Phone: +41 61 295 50 00

Effective as of September 14th, 2021

1. Scope of Application

These conditions of participation of BaselArea, Dufourstrasse 11, 4010 Basel
“BaselArea” governs the modalities of the registration and application for the DayOne Digital Health Acceleration Program.

By registering, applicants confirm that they have read and accepted the following conditions.

2. Participation

Individuals and teams from any country may apply to participate in the Program. This also applies to individuals and teams which have registered a company with the commercial register or have founded a society. Registered companies and societies are also eligible.

There is no legal entitlement to participation in the Program. BaselArea with input from the Program’s selection committee (“Selection Committee”) decides at its sole discretion about the admission to the Program, no justification is required. BaselArea is entitled to cancel all or part of the Program at any time. There will be no correspondence about the admission to the Program or the rejection of an application.

An application may be withdrawn in written form at any time by the applicant. In any case, there is no entitlement to restitution of the submitted documents.

3. Registration

Application for registration takes place online at the latest by 31 October 2021. An extension of the deadline is at the sole discretion of BaselArea. The indicated information must be provided and the documents submitted.

Applicants assure that they are the owners of all rights to the submitted documents and entitled to their submission.

There is no entitlement to restitution or the returning of the submitted documents, both during and after the participation.

4. Confidentiality

Any documents and information submitted and all communication during the online application process (“Application Documents”) will be considered as non-confidential and may be used in connection with the participation in the Program. Applicants agree that the Application Documents submitted during the online application process and the information related thereto will be accessible to the accelerator selection committee (“Selection Committee”) as well as Experts & Advisors and experts and partners of BaselArea. The Selection Committee, Partners are only allowed to share Application Documents with third parties with the written agreement of the applicants.

The first 50 [fifty] applicants will have the opportunity to win one of the three spots to pitch at the DayOne Conference on 4 November 2021 and discuss it with the participants of the Conference. BaselArea may choose to share parts of the application on their website to inform participants of the Conference about the applicants. Photos/videos taken during the conference may also be used by BaselArea for Public Relations.

BaselArea assumes no responsibility or liability for any confidential information and/or documentation submitted by applicants during the online application process as well as for any intellectual property rights and/or know-how contained therein.

5. Liability / No Right of Appeal

Any liability of BaselArea for any direct or indirect damage, including, but not limited to damage caused by loss of profit, is excluded to the maximum extent permitted by the law. BaselArea is not liable in the event of force majeure. The liability for auxiliary persons is expressly excluded in its entirety.

Applicants shall indemnify BaselArea, the Selection Committee, Partners and Experts & Advisors for any claims by third parties of an alleged infringement of copyright, industrial property rights, trade secrets, and other third-party rights in connection with the information and documents submitted by the applicants.

BaselArea accepts no liability for the correctness of statements made, including statements of the Selection Committee, Partners, Experts & Advisors or any other persons participating in the Program.

No legal rights arise from the participation in the Program or the related preparation and submission of documents (e.g. no entitlement to any fees and/or expenses).

BaselArea’s decision is final. There is no recourse to the courts and no right of appeal.

6. Privacy policy

The privacy policy of BaselArea for the Program is available here. Applicants acknowledge that they have read and that they accept the privacy policy.

7. Miscellaneous

Due notice shall be given of any changes to these conditions of participation.

Should any of the provisions in the conditions of participation become null and void, the validity of the remaining provisions is unaffected. Invalid or null provisions are to be interpreted such that their commercial purpose is attained to the extent possible. The procedure shall be similar if a contractual gap exists or a provision proves to be unfeasible.

In the event that any of the terms or provisions of these conditions of participation are determined to be invalid or nil/void or if any provision or term of these conditions of participation shall become invalid or nil/void at any time hereafter, then all other provisions of these conditions of participation shall remain valid and effective in accordance with their terms. A provision which shall be determined to be or which shall become invalid or nil/void shall be substituted by another suitable provision which shall maintain the economic purposes of these conditions of participation. The same shall apply in case of a contractual gap.

These conditions of participation shall in all respects be governed by the substantive laws of Switzerland, including all matters of construction and validity, without giving effect to its conflict of law provisions.

The ordinary courts at the domicile of BaselArea shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to any claim and/or dispute arising out of these conditions of participation.

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