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Transforming healthcare with our Digital Health Nation program

By 19/12/2023February 15th, 2024Accelerator, Digital Health Nation, News
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Transforming healthcare with our Digital Health Nation program

The Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster, powered by Innosuisse, is an integral program of DayOne’s mission to shape the future of health.

Discover what the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster is all about, meet 2023’s top startups supported by the accelerator and learn how you can join this transformative journey either as a partner or a future participant.

About DayOne and the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster

DayOne drives digital health innovation by fostering a collaborative environment for startups and scaleups in the Basel Area.

Our three accelerator programs are the core of our mission.

Each one is tailored to address a specific need of the healthcare industry.

The DayOne Tech accelerator supports medtech ventures, the DayOne Health 4.0 accelerator is geared towards international digital health scaleups and the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster helps startups at the beginning of their journey.

Digital Health Nation aims to foster innovation in Swiss healthcare by transforming ideas into solutions that deliver real value to patients and healthcare professionals. This is done through a collaborative approach involving experts, patients, academia and entrepreneurs.

Digital Health Nation helped us bring Zario to the next stage, get first paying users and improve our product. I love connecting with other founders in the digital health space.

Ondrej ZakZario

The program is supported by a biggest in Switzerland public-private consortium in healthcare, ranging from academia and hospitals to health insurance and pharma companies.

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This year, we defined four key challenges in the Swiss healthcare system that we aim to keep focusing on in 2024:

  • Patient engagement and empowerment: Actively involving patients in their own healthcare. This includes giving patients access to their health data, educating them about their conditions and encouraging participation in treatment decisions. The goal is to make patients more informed, involved and empowered to manage their health.
  • Healthcare information quality, access and interoperability: Ensuring that healthcare data is accurate, accessible and can be easily shared among different healthcare systems. This helps clinicians provide better care and enhances research capabilities.
  • Value-based healthcare (VBHC): A healthcare delivery model in which providers, including hospitals and physicians, are paid based on patient health outcomes. It emphasizes the quality rather than the quantity of healthcare services, encouraging healthcare providers to optimize treatments that lead to better patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare Professional (HCP) education and adoption of digital tools: Training and education of healthcare professionals in using digital tools and technologies to enhance their ability to provide care through digital means.

To move from those problems to solution-focused ideas, we collaborate with patients, clinicians, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs through multiple onsite challenge events.

These events generated around 100 applications from which our expert panel selected 20 startups for Stage 1 of the program: Feasibility. In this feasibility bootcamp, startups receive up to CHF 3,500 to develop and test the product, its viability, desirability and feasibility.

Half of the participants make it to Stage 2: Prototyping. Those ten winning startups receive up to CHF 10,000 to further develop their idea, CHF 5,000 for coaching and the opportunity to participate in a two-day prototyping bootcamp.​​

The five finalists move on to Stage 3: Readiness & Go to market. In this stage, startups receive special prices and up to CHF 4,000 for further testing and validation of go to market and readiness.​

Expert voices

Aurélie Moser
Coach and consultant in innovation and transformation in life science and founder, Bambooster

Yana Yoncheva
DayOne Lead,
Digital Health Nation

What entrepreneurs gain when they join the Digital Health Nation program

Besides non-dilutive funding of up to CHF 22,000, our accelerator program offers guidance and support, with industry experts providing customized coaching in the three stages: feasibility, prototyping and market readiness.

In detail, startups benefit from:

  • Funding opportunities. Access funding opportunities to fuel the growth and development of your startup, turning your vision into reality.
  • Ecosystem participation. Immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem of healthcare players, where you’ll gain exposure to the latest trends, insights and technologies shaping the future of healthcare
  • Mentorship. Benefit from coaching from industry leaders who will guide you through the intricacies of scaling your digital health venture.
  • Networking opportunities. Expand your network by connecting with influential industry leaders, investors and fellow innovators.
  • Visibility. Enhance your startup’s visibility within the healthcare community, building credibility with partners and investors, and forming strategic partnerships.
  • Access to space. Work alongside entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Project voices

Kevin Hof

Ondrej Zak

Julia Wenzin Vogel

Martin Kubli

Elena Börlin

Joining the Digital Health Nations accelerator opens up opportunities to transform your innovative healthcare ideas into a viable product that solves real-world problems.

A perfect balance between onsite coaching and financial support, delivered in a format that is unique in our experience so far.

Kevin HofMaven Health

The 2023 edition: This year’s Digital Health Nation finalists

Meet the five startups that the accelerator’s independent selection panel advanced to the third stage based on innovation level, feasibility and potential impact on the Swiss economy and society.

This year’s edition revolved around patient engagement and empowerment, healthcare information quality, access and interoperability, Value-based healthcare (VBHC) and Healthcare Professional (HCP) education and adoption of digital tools.

Value-based healthcare (VBHC)

Maven Health offers saliva-based metabolic health tracking for healthcare provides using advanced spectroscopy and machine learning. The results are delivered on an easy-to-use, intuitive data platform. This solution allows for minimum invasiveness, competitive cost and deep data interpretation and communication.

LEALY offers teletherapy for sustainable weight-loss through long-term habit-change training with 80% long-term success. It’s Switzerland’s first teleclinic for weight loss.

Healthcare information quality, access and interoperability

Hemalytix builds a tool to support medical professionals with interpreting blood laboratory results and finding the right diagnosis faster, using AI. This reduces cost and expedites treatments.

Healthcare Professional (HCP) education and adoption of digital tools

Sefit makes exposure therapy easily possible at home for people who suffer from impaired stimulus filtering. It’s personalized and gamified, using VR, digital biomarkers and recorded scenes of everyday life.

Patient engagement and empowerment

Zario gamifies screen time reduction and promotes digital wellbeing. Innovative features backed by behavioral research help individuals develop a healthier relationship with their phones by gradually reducing usage and encouraging more mindful behaviors.

These top five startups have concluded their Innovation Booster. Next year, we will have new challenge events, where ideas are created and teams are built, onsite and virtually.

Become a partner

Do you want to be part of Switzerland’s biggest public-private consortium in healthcare and pose your business challenges to bright minds, you can partner with us and sponsor one of next year’s themes!

Together we can break down barriers and transform healthcare for a healthier future for all.

Yana Yoncheva
Manager Innovation Projects – DayOne

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Digital Health Nation was a very inspiring experience that I recommend to any digital health startup. It brought our project to the next level through the booster content as well as through great peer exchange.

Julia Wenzin VogelLEALY

If your startup is all about transforming healthcare through innovative digital solutions, the Digital Health Nation accelerator could be your next big step.

Whether you’re in the early stages of developing a groundbreaking idea or have already begun to explore its feasibility, we invite you to collaborate with experts and patients, leverage personalized mentorship and access vital resources to turn your vision into a viable product.

Next year we aim to support further 20 project on their way from idea to MVP. Watch out for the open call for application beginning in April 2024 and the acceleration stage beginning in June 2024.

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