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The future of heath: Data-driven biomedicine! A recap of our takeaways from the podcast.

1. Value of data: the life-time of data is getting shorter – with the amount of data we can collect today, data ten years old becomes meaningless

2. First breakthroughs: mostly related to pattern recognition

3. Trust: it is not about data protection but  about protecting citizens

4. Personal health train: bring algorithms to the data, rather than bringing all data to a central place

5. Interoperability: technology will be provided by big tech – governance needs to be built around the citizen

6. Big tech: will win – they have the the link to the customer and the experience in managing his experience

7. Deep science or tech: tech will add a layer, especially on the “easier to treat” or on developing “wrap arounds” for better access

8. Old and new world: there is still little convergence, synergies between pharma/medtech and tech

9. Education: HCPs often lack proficient use of tech to optimally support patients and free their time – to spend with patients

10. One wish: health data to become available for the common good for research and treatment

Listen to the full podcast with Torsten Schwede at University of Basel here.