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Welcome to DayOne Health Hack 2020.

Save the date! The first patient-centric DayOne Health Hack is hosted in Basel, Switzerland and will take place 7-8 November, 2020.


…patients sharing their insights and everyday needs arising from dealing with their health conditions; not only being heard, but actively listened to.

… a team of professionals, experts and tech enthusiasts that support these patients to turn their challenges into ideas for feasible solutions.

…a crowd of diverse participants offering their digital talent, medical knowledge and innovation skills during a two-day hackathon to create first proof of concept solutions for the patient’s challenges.

…that the best of these proof-of-concepts are presented to a world-class international conference of digital health innovators to find ways to continue beyond the hack stage.

Why we are doing this and how

It is time to explore new ways to innovate in digital healthcare, starting with the patient and aligning the health ecosystem around his/her need. During a two-day event, patients, caregivers, software engineers, as well as healthcare innovators will join forces to co-create tangible proof-of-concept solutions to real challenges.

A unique innovation journey

The DayOne Health Hack is more than a hackathon, it’s a process and a joint effort involving different healthcare stakeholders partnering for a unique innovation journey. At the Tech Event on April 23, we will bring together tech enthusiasts and healthcare innovators from the ecosystem to explore, collect and evaluate tech and skills as well as data ready to use for the hackathon. Register here for participation.

Our patronage partner EUPATI CH will then conduct in depth interviews with patients. Based on these insights the partners of the DayOne Health Hack will then support the patients in further defining their needs and transferring them into hackable challenges.

This will be carried at to the patient centric hackathon taking place in early September and followed by a curation phase to make the real-world patient challenges ready to be worked on at the hackathon taking place on 7-8 November in Basel.

The DayOne Health Hack aims to build a worldwide reference platform for exploring the design of patient driven healthcare solutions. It builds on the strength of Switzerland’s healthcare innovation ecosystem including: patient representing organizations, pharma, med- and healthtech companies, university hospitals, health insurance, open source innovation and tech enthusiast communities.

Principles of the DayOne Health Hack:

  • Patient-centric: we are all patients or potential patients. Patients are at the core of the DayOne Health Hack initiative, they help define challenges based on their own personal experience as well as that of their peers. “Patient champions” are present during the hackathon providing both first-hand knowledge and inspiration.
  • Aspirational: “do good, feel good”. The participants are purpose-driven.
  • Creative and collaborative: release IP constraints, open source software/hardware is encouraged, connection to ongoing open-source initiatives is highly encouraged; in case proprietary platforms are available, the participants “vote with their feet” and choose the tools they prefer during the event.
  • Relevant and scalable: use industrial-grade techs and patient-relevant data sets to create realistic options for innovation impact during the hackathon. The tech available at the hackathon should be scalable and fit for purpose, to enable the potential for continuity of projects after the hack.
  • Feasible: curated challenges, the teams sprint for doable hacks. The curation process aims at connecting the patient challenges to the tech available in the ecosystem sponsoring and supporting the hackathon event. No ideation at this stage, but breaking down the patient challenges in doable bits, and possibly selecting challenges deemed possible to be met with tech kit available during hackathon (e.g. data sets, computation, hardware etc.) provided by supporting partners
  • Supported: ideation occurs at the hackathon. Participants are mentored and supported during the hackathon (e.g. by facilitators, tech experts).
  • Visibility and Continuity: selected results are invited to show their results at the DayOne Conference. Teams are encouraged to continue projects after the event.

Sponsors and supporting partners:

The DayOne Health Hack is made possible by the contributions of:

Patronage: EUPATI CH – USB – Health Hacking Lab

Gold Partners: RocheExperientia

Silver Partners: NovartisTakedaHelsanaMicrosoft

Networking partner: Swiss Made Software


Get involved and shape the DayOne Health Hack:

Be it as a private individual or as part of an organization or a company, your passion and expertise will fuel the co-creation of the next generation patient-driven health solutions. We call on patient advocates, caregivers, medical doctors, technology providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospital, insurances… and creative makers. Your contribution is most welcome!

Are you curious? Participate in our future events. Check out the site to learn more.

Do you want to get involved as a participant at the Health Hack? Send us a note here.

Do you want to become a partner? Please contact Thomas Brenzikofer.

Do you want to share your insights as a patient? Please contact Steven Bourke, EUPATI CH.

Do you want to contribute with a skill, tech or/and data? Please contact Giovanni Nisato.

Do you want to read more about the DayOne Health Hack? Download our long read below, or visit our microsite: