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InnoSpina’s objective is to research and develop innovative solutions aimed at curing back pain in an efficient manner.

By reducing as much as possible the neurological risks of the surgical procedure, the anesthesia time, the duration of hospitalization, and therefore the postoperative recovery InnoSpina develops solutions based on specifications and manages the entire development process up to the creation of functional prototypes as well as the validation of products and implementation techniques.

The DayOne Acceleration program was a unique opportunity and covers a large panel of key topics to have in mind while building your med-tech start-up. The know-how and expertise brought by the coaches and experts is immense. It was an enriching experience and I highly recommend it to any medtech start-up!

Gwenaël HannemaCo-founder & CEO InnoSpina

Gwenael was also guest in the Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast where we talk to entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, and CEOs from the Basel Area. He speaks about the bumpy road his startup has to take, his experience with another startup that failed, why a good idea is by no means enough to succeed with a startup, and what parallel he draws with aviation in this context.

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