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We welcomed over 70 interested innovators and experts to the DayOne Lab open doors event on the 31st January. The DayOne Lab is a vital part of the DayOne program that will become the place to be for healthcare innovators looking to collaborate and have an impact to improve the lives of patients. The Open Door day was a chance to present the concept to a wider audience and discuss how we see it working to boost innovation in the region.

Four examples were presented by the DayOne lab team showing how the lab could work and what sort of projects could fit. These ranged from a pre start-up looking for validation, start-ups looking to prototype, corporates wanting to access open innovation and simply interested stakeholders that want to work on the bottlenecks for healthcare innovation. We then finished off the presentations with Andrew Warrington who told us a bit about his journey with health hacking and making his own artificial pancreas. He also explained how DayOne has helped the health hacking group he co-founded here in Basel and how they hope to work with the DayOne lab in the future. We then finished with a number of questions about how to apply, what some of the ground rules for the lab are and some of the challenges that still remain for open innovation (the lawyers!).

We were extremely excited to see the 10 or so hands that went up in the air to indicate interest to moving in and or bringing a new project to the lab and especially pleased to see half the room indicate an interest in helping out with projects in the lab.

Please take the next step and confirm your interest by contacting us.

We look forward to seeing you in the Lab or at the next DayOne event; DayOne Experts: The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) – making Switzerland a hot bed for research in Precision Medicine and Personalized Health


The DayOne Lab team