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App under development for patients of the Hospital of Jura
Version under development of the app for patients of the Hospital of Jura

The Hospital of Jura (H-JU) will be realizing four joint projects together with Basel Area Business & Innovation through the Healthcare Innovation – DayOne initiative, over the next four years. For the first, the two partners have also brought on board the University Hospital Basel (USB) and Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc). For this inter-cantonal technology project, an app is being developed for oncology patients. This is aimed at providing an improved overview of upcoming doctor’s appointments and treatments for users. The Swiss federal government and the canton of Jura have provided financial backing for the project, as detailed in a press release.

The patients in question from the canton of Jura are being treated at either the H-JU in Delémont or the USB in Basel. For this reason, an overview of appointments as well as information on the various institutions is important for the patients. The app should not only display these appointments and remind users of these, but will also be shared with other relatives. In addition, any entries and notifications about prescribed medication and treatments can be accessed here. The new app is rounded off by providing further information on the respective illness. In this way, individual information can be sent to the patient, which should also lead to faster reactions.

Basel Area Business & Innovation is the initiator of the project and will also be responsible for coordinating it. Given that the relevant pre-planning has already been carried out with developers, software ergonomics specialists and engineering students from HE-Arc at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in Courroux in the canton of Jura, the test phase is set to begin before the end of this year. In a next step, a company from Jura will be tasked with developing a marketing concept. In future, the app should be available for other hospitals and medical practices, including for other medical disciplines.

The immediate next steps beyond the technical development of the solution will be the engagement of corporate partners (pharma, nutrition, insurance, healthcare providers, technology) to participate in the project with know-how and financial sponsorship.