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We’re excited to announce that OptiChroniX Inc. has successfully launched myAVOS in the US market, joining forces with Sprout Health Solutions. By leveraging Sprout’s expertise in behavioral change and patient engagement alongside OptiChroniX’s advanced technology, myAVOS is set to revolutionize the field of cognitive health.

The collaboration with two other partners, FatSecret and Winterlight Labs, enhances myAVOS‘s ability to provide personalized lifestyle guidance. With Fatsecret’s expertise in verified food and nutrition data, myAVOS offers personalized guidance on lifestyle changes based on reliable information. Equipped with features like a risk calculator for late-life dementia, a monthly cognitive assessment tool, and a conversational interface, myAVOS functions as a pocket wellness coach. The recent partnership with Winterlight Labs brings cutting-edge speech assessment technology to myAVOS, enabling users to monitor their cognitive function through speech analysis.

With its goal to identify and address modifiable risk factors in early-stage dementia, OptiChroniX continues to push boundaries. Now available on the App Store for US residents, myAVOS represents a significant step forward in cognitive wellness.

Congratulations to the OptiChroniX team, alumni of our DayOne Health 4.0 accelerator 2022 cohort, on this achievement.