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innovation table

The DayOne Innovation Roundtable’s mission is to help connect innovators from various stakeholders of the healthcare value chain. Viktor Bullain, Core Team member at DayOne said: “It’s great to see the collaboration and innovation in Basel and its extended network in Switzerland and around the globe. The DayOne Innovation Roundtable allows companies to connect with other innovation leaders and stakeholders to share their lessons learned and get feedback on how to approach some of their own challenges.” Past topics included e.g. patient centric design, data privacy, and Innovation in Emerging Markets, too.

It was an honour for us that Helsana opened their headquarter’s doors and hosted together with DayOne an interactive co-creating session the last edition of the roundtable.

The Helsana team shared excellent input presentations about the on-going innovation initiatives as well as about the cooperative contract negotiations that Helsana is conducting with healthcare providers and industries. We received deep insight into how Helsana thinks about adding value to their stakeholders and improve customer experience. Helsana would benefit from more upward and downward Integration with internal and external innovation ecosystem. This also fosters and supports some of Helsana’s main goals such as creating triple-win-benefits for Patients/Insured Customers – Service Providers/ Industries and Helsana.

This highlights how important a thriving ecosystem is for every individual player in the Swiss healthcare ecosystem. The Helsana team is committed to explore opportunities to collaborate with the extended ecosystem to leverage data for the benefit of the patients. We invite you to participate in the discussion and sign up to hear about DayOne events and the Innovation newsletter to become part of the future of health.

Payers should increase trust with their customers and position themselves as a trusted partner for life. Helsana sees itself as the trustee of its insured customers.

This means that there is a major shift in the positioning of health insurances. Away from being the partner of trust just during sickness, towards a trusted partner also during the times of health. The base of this relationship should be built and established through trust. It is also vital for the future of health, that we look at individuals as humans, not just as patients.

We’re already looking forward for the next steps and our next innovation roundtable. If you would like to stay informed about the next event check back here as the next date will be published soon.