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innovation highlights - DayOne

Things are going well for DayOne at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area Site Jura, in Courroux, near Delémont. All the events or workshops that were planned were held online, which allowed us to reach more people and attract high-quality speakers.

The first event, with S-GE, allowed us to discover the growing medtech markets of Eastern Europe and the United States. The second showed us that the regional academic community (FHNW, HE-Arc) is willing to work with industry and can provide important services to SMEs. The last event was also very successful, with well-attended presentations from companies active in the medical field as well as the Swiss medtech umbrella association.

The projects that have been started are moving forward at a steady pace, like the application that accompanies cancer patients on their journey. This application is based on a study of patients’ needs carried out by HE-Arc at the cantonal hospital of Jura. A first version of the app will be released before the summer, and the development will be finished before autumn. We also continue to support the cantonal hospital of Jura in the development of its innovation strategy.

Chances are you may soon hear about a joint project between a professor from Basel and entrepreneurs from the Jura; you could even hear about it at the Tokyo Olympics!

Also of note, in partnership with Créapole, we are also providing support to a young and small bar-turning company in its development to move it closer to release in the medical market: a human and industrial adventure which will deserve to be told fully one day, so stay tuned.

We continue to develop privileged contacts with industry and academia in order to create innovation and bring ideas and needs from medical practices. And, we are looking forward to presenting the new Switzerland Innovation Park Site Jura premises to the public as soon as the health situation permits.

These premises will be chock-full of an ecosystem for the development of innovative products in the fields of medicine and industry, helping to further expand the reach and breadth of the healthcare innovation community.

It is extremely interesting to see the different actors being set up in the region, so don’t miss out: contact Frédéric Nicolet to see how you can be part of this adventure!