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Hope Care SA, a leader in digital healthcare solutions and DayOne Health 4.0 alumni, receives the EU MDR Class IIb certification for their platform HCAlert, as medical and secures strategic investment.

Hope Care‘s attainment of the EU MDR Class IIb certification for platform HCAlert, which is a major milestone. This classification validates the HC Alert platform as a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), meeting Europe’s strict medical device standards. Hope Care is proud to be among the first companies to achieve this certification. Currently, only two companies hold this distinction. It’s a crucial step that ensures healthcare professionals can rely on the platform for accurate and secure patient monitoring.

The significance of the certification extends beyond immediate benefits for healthcare practitioners. It also benefits healthcare systems by reducing hospital admissions, optimizing resource allocation, and improving efficiency, while enhancing patient safety through near-real-time measurements. Additionally, HC Alert improves patient quality of life (QOL) by extending these advantages to home environments, a well-documented practice that enhances various aspects of a patient’s life.

GED Ventures Portugal invests in Hope Care

Simultaneously, GED Ventures Portugal has invested two million Euros in Hope Care, recognizing the startup as one of the most promising entities in the Portuguese health ecosystem.

For Hope Care, this infusion of funds accelerates its mission to reshape the digital health landscape and accelerates the expansion of their digital healthcare solutions across Europe.

A pioneer in remote patient monitoring

Hope Care, based in Óbidos, is a pioneer in remote patient monitoring, offering healthcare providers the ability to oversee patients with chronic diseases remotely. The platform collects diverse health data, supporting both medical professionals and patients and reducing unnecessary hospital visits. Hope Care is focused on pioneering AI-driven personalized healthcare solutions.

The achievements of EU certification and strategic investment marks a transformative chapter for Hope Care and showcases their commitment to advancing digital healthcare and positioning them as a leader in the industry.


About the DayOne Health 4.0 accelerator

DayOne Health 4.0 is a six-month hybrid accelerator in the Basel Area, Europe’s healthcare hub. Get support for innovating across the healthcare spectrum, from diagnosis to prevention, patient and caregiver communication and solutions for healthcare professionals.

The 2023 edition, running from September 2023 to March 2024, focuses on artificial intelligence, data and digitally enhanced clinical development.