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A tri-national (CH, D, F) group of healthcare and labor experts came together at the DayOne lab to brainstorm on common initiatives to tackle the challenges of Healthcare delivery in our region.

The event was hosted by Claude-Henri Schaller and Patrick Jouin.

The following challenges and opportunities were identified along these 5 dimensions:

  • Patients and difficulties to access to integrated care
  • Potential enabling technological solutions and the difficulties of scaling these
  • Healthcare Professionals and lack of attractively of peripheral regions
  • Healthcare Professionals and often poorly adapted trainings and curriculums to tackle challenges at the periphery
  • Systemic barriers at the interface between our regions

The groups focused on the dimensions 1-4 (with the consensus that 5 is beyond the scope of the workshop and addressed by other groups).

To ensure momentum, the team focused on developing solutions that would be pragmatic, concrete and with a first concrete milestone to be planned in the next 6 months.

The group developed three projects ideas to help drive forward the agenda of healthcare delivery in the periphery:

  • Integrated Healthcare Delivery: A platform to harness Hospital Innovation in the region
  • Attracting Physicians in the Periphery: New models for Healthcare Delivery in the periphery
  • Adapting Training Curriculum: An exchange between Nurses and Nurse-students and Technology players

The immediate next steps will be:

  • Report to the Plenary Session of the Conférence du Rhin supérieur / Oberrheinekonferenz on 22 November 2019
  • Transition lead to the future presidents of the working groups “economy and labour” and “health policies”
  • Organization of a workshop at expert level during the first trimester 2020 in co-operation with Euro-Institut in Kehl and on a specific topic to be defined by the two working groups

Please find attached the output of our workshop below: