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Pioneering the future of healthcare

By 08/11/2023December 1st, 2023Accelerator, News
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Our 2023 DayOne Health 4.0 cohort

The Health 4.0 accelerator is an integral program of DayOne’s mission to shape the future of health.

Discover what the Health 4.0 accelerator is all about, meet our 2023 cohort startups and scaleups and learn how you can join this transformative journey either as a partner or a future cohort member.

About DayOne and the Health 4.0 accelerator

DayOne drives digital health innovation by fostering a collaborative environment for startups and scaleups in the Basel Area

Our three accelerator programs are the core of our mission. 

Each one is tailored to address a specific need of the healthcare industry. 

The Digital Health Nation accelerator helps Swiss startups in the healthcare system to transform their ideas into solutions, the DayOne Tech accelerator supports medtech ventures and the DayOne Health 4.0 accelerator is geared towards international digital health scaleups.


Health 4.0 aims at bridging the gap between biopharma companies and digital health startups. This accelerator has been designed to propel digital health startups and scaleups in the pharma world and foster potential collaborations for the benefit of all citizens.

It has been successfully running for 5 years now and tackles various healthcare challenges. Every year, a theme is defined to reflect current healthcare challenges and support digital health startups and scaleups that are addressing them.

Joining the Health 4.0 accelerator opens up opportunities for digital health startups and scaleups to accelerate their growth. It also offers a safe space for healthcare or biopharma players to collaborate with others in the ecosystem and keep up with the fast-paced health tech innovation space.

What startups gain when they join the Health 4.0 accelerator

The DayOne Health 4.0 acceleration program has been designed to foster a  collaborative environment. When your venture is selected for Health 4.0, you join an intensive program, immersing you in an ecosystem that promotes mutual learning, sharing of ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

Its tailored curriculum addresses the unique challenges and opportunities for your startup or scaleup.


Beyond this, startups also benefit from the following:

  • No equity, no fee. As a non-profit organization, our only goal is your success.
  • Biopharma industry expertise. Access to a network of seasoned professionals and industry leaders providing insights and guidance.
  • Mentorship. Hands-on mentorship from experts who bring you insights and experience to help you achieve your next milestones.
  • Networking opportunities. Events, workshops and networking sessions to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Visibility. Enhanced visibility within the healthcare community, building credibility with partners and investors, and forming strategic partnerships.
  • Access to space. Work alongside entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Agathe Acchiardo
Founder & Director Think Next

Jeff Bateman
ACC Executive Coach
Catalyst, LIVEsciences AG

Fabio Cavalieri
Executive Director Audit & Assurance, Mazars 

Join the Health 4.0 accelerator

The 2023 edition: tapping into the potential of AI, data and digital to enhance clinical development

Meet the 15 startups and scaleups selected among 109 applications from 35 countries for our 2023 edition of the DayOne Health 4.0 accelerator.

This year’s edition revolves around clinical trials and, more specifically, ventures harnessing AI, data and digital tools to power clinical development and healthcare delivery. Four main focus areas have been identified to cover a diverse range of use cases for the industry, healthcare professionals and patients.

Reinventing clinical trials: Optimize patient identification, access, and enrollment

ancora simplifies clinical trial recruitment to allow more people to join trials. Their platform helps individuals quickly find and access relevant trials using AI-driven trial matching technology, promoting greater diversity and speeding up enrollment in trials.
Briya logoBriya offers a data platform that allows pharma and medical researchers to access, exchange and analyze patient-level real-world data (RWD) from hospitals while ensuring patient privacy.
ephealth logoEpHealth tackles the challenges of low diversity, access issues and patient enrollment in clinical trials. With their platform epScience, they facilitate innovative trial deployments. Based in London, EpHealth aims to introduce digital health products that link public health with scientific advancements in Switzerland, Brazil and the UK.
findmecure logoFindMeCure assists patients in finding clinical trials and understanding their journey and expectations. They combine insights with validated data (TrialHub) to help pharma, biotech and clinical research organizations make data-driven decisions for effective clinical trial strategies and faster patient recruitment.
InSilicoTrials logoInSilicoTrials develops an AI and Modeling & Simulation (M&S) platform aimed at transforming medical product development and improving regulatory decision-making. It utilizes advanced in silico trials and computational models to simulate, predict and assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs and medical devices.

Advancing clinical development: Harness data and clinical tools to improve endpoints

machineMD logoMachineMD aims to provide fast, accurate and early diagnosis of neurological disorders. Their flagship device, neos®, uses advanced VR technology to assess eye movements and pupillary function for better brain function measurement. It’s a Class I medical device in Switzerland and the UK, with plans to introduce it as a Class II(a) device in the USA.
Risklick logoRisklick offers an AI-based tool to create and optimize clinical trial protocols using historical data. Their technology speeds up protocol development, enhances regulatory compliance, improves recruitment rates and reduces amendments and deviations, lightening patient load.
AI in epilepsy and sleep logoAI in epilepsy and sleep is a startup in stealth mode. It’s driven by clinical experience with young patients and has created a system to automate EEG analysis for estimating epilepsy and sleep-related clinical markers. This innovation aims to assist clinicians in faster and more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Simplifying operations: Streamlining clinical operations and workflow management

CliniNote logoCliniNote assists doctors with clinical documentation using AI and NLP, capturing comprehensive data effortlessly. It improves efficiency and creates a real-world data (RWD) database without requiring additional effort from medical professionals or alterations to existing processes.
docuply logoDocuply provides a GxP-compliant document management platform to help biopharma SMEs and startups enhance their quality management. Their cloud solution simplifies document sharing and digital signatures per regulatory standards. It facilitates communication with third parties and automates master file upkeep, making audits and inspections smoother.

Enhancing patient experience: Prioritize patient experience to boost outcomes

xpresentient logoPresentient Technologies is working on a solution to make automated predictions in clinical trials to prevent unnecessary continuation, saving significant resources. Their technology aims to identify when trials could be stopped or adapted early while maintaining trial blinding.
stitchStitch emphasizes understanding patient experiences in clinical trials to enhance their journey and gather valuable feedback. Their approach fosters faster, more patient-centric trials with improved retention.
microx labs logoMicroX Labs monitors drug and therapy side effects through a portable blood analyzer for hematology and immunology biomarkers. Utilizing Point of Care (POC) technology, they provide real-time data, reducing costs and speeding up decision-making in clinical trials. This is especially beneficial for treatments related to inflammation and cytokine storms.
avegen logoAvegen creates digital health products to empower patients and aid clinicians in delivering impactful care. Their main product, HealthMachine®, is a flexible digital health platform chosen by healthcare innovators to deploy high-quality, evidence-based, safe digital health solutions.
Albus Health logoAlbus Health offers a contactless multi-sensor platform that monitors critical night-time symptoms without discomfort to the patient. It tracks various metrics like respiratory rate, heart rate and sleep, making it suitable for managing chronic respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

End of November, phase 1 of the program will come to its conclusion and the best 5 of these ventures will be selected to pursue 4 further months of mentoring, expert support and tailored services to help them get ready for collaborations at the interface with the pharma industry.

Stay tuned!

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When you partner with DayOne Health 4.0, we complement your in-house capabilities and act as an extension of your team. We help you build differentiation from your competition and establish your company as a digital leader.

Cécile Tardy-Srinivasan
Manager Accelerator, Healthcare Innovation – DayOne

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