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Fostering collaborative healthcare: Meet 4 startups of the DayOne Tech accelerator 2023

| Fostering collaborative healthcare

Meet 4 startups of the DayOne Tech accelerator 2023

The DayOne Tech accelerator is an important program of DayOne’s mission to shape the future of health.

Learn more about the DayOne Tech accelerator, meet our 2023 cohort startups and find out how your startup can join next year.

About DayOne and the DayOne Tech accelerator

DayOne drives medical device and digital health innovation by fostering a collaborative environment for startups and scaleups in the Basel Area.

The Digital Health Nation and DayOne Health 4.0 accelerators support digital health startups, while DayOne Tech focuses on medical device ventures with a physical product.

Located in the Jura (30 minutes from Basel), DayOne Tech is a rapidly growing program for ambitious ventures.

DayOne Tech brings together a community of industry professionals, corporates, universities, hospitals, production partners as well as regulatory and IP experts to reshape the healthcare system. 

It’s driven by the philosophy that each startup needs a highly personalized environment to grow and close the gaps between idea and market access. This process involves prototyping, raising funds and scaling up.

But there is one more advantage no other accelerator can offer: the place! 

Jura, the Swiss valley of watch manufacturers, is a hot spot for medtech startups in Europe. It’s a perfect collaborative ecosystem of universities, corporations, manufacturers, startup founders, research institutes and hospitals to nurture innovation.

Watch the aftermovie from this year’s DayOne Tech kickoff below.

Expert voices

Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy
Director Strategy

Philippe Potty
Haute École Arc

Deepti Pahwa
Executive Coach
Startup Mentor

Laurent Monnerat
Veterinary Officer
Republic and Canton of Jura

What startups gain when they join the DayOne Tech accelerator

The selected teams will benefit over 12 months from a financial boost, tailored coaching and a unique ecosystem with access to potential partners from academia, medical and pharmaceutical companies, investors and top healthcare facilities. 

With its outstanding location, appreciated for networking opportunities and the high density of international tech companies in one region, DayOne Tech is an accelerator like no other.

In detail, startups benefit from:

  • Funding opportunities. Receive up to CHF 100,000 (in cash and in kind) of non-dilutive funding to bring your prototype to the next level. 
  • Ecosystem participation. Immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem of healthcare players, where you’ll gain exposure to the latest trends, insights and technologies.
  • Mentorship. Benefit from up to 150 hours of coaching from industry leaders who will help you bring your prototype to the next level.
  • Networking opportunities. Expand your network by connecting with potential partners, investors and customers.
  • Visibility. Pitch your project at local, national and international events to gain traction with your startup.
  • Access to space. Work alongside entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Startup voices

Pablo Lara, PhD

Dr. San Pun
AiMorphous Health

Miguel Lopez
Founder, CEO & CSO
Xana, Smart Neurostimulation

DayOne Tech startups with revolutionary ideas and solid business strategies

We are proud to present this year’s winners – four medtech startups on the cutting edge of healthcare, providing innovative solutions to address today’s most urgent challenges in disease prevention and treatment.

Xana is on a mission to transform the treatment of neurological diseases. Their approach is a non-invasive customized left auricular vagus nerve stimulation device. By avoiding invasive methods and customizing treatment, Xana aims to reduce the need for pharmacological agents and enhance existing treatment pathways for five different pathologies. It’s a potential game-changer in the field of neurological healthcare.

AiMorphous Health is championing an AI-blood test diagnostic device that focuses on blood clots and bleeding prevention. The potential impact of their innovation is profound, as blood clots and bleeding are critical issues in healthcare. AiMorphous Health’s technology emphasizes early prevention and intervention to reduce thrombosis – a major cause of death globally.

OncoSwab is dedicated to the early detection of lung cancer with a non-invasive medical device. Their technology is designed to identify early-stage lung cancer biomarkers in a non-invasive manner. OncoSwab aims to increase the number of patients worldwide with access to testing.

ClotX is a force to be reckoned with in thrombosis treatment. Their product is designed to optimize thrombosis care by removing the thrombus and minimizing peripheral adverse effects during the treatment process. This is a remarkable achievement, as it improves patient care and enhances the overall quality of life for those suffering from thrombosis.

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