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As part of the DayOne accelerator, we will try and share as much material as we can during the process to help others develop their own accelerators or ideas. This first batch is from the accelerator kickoff days.

dayone kick off

The kickoff days for the DayOne accelerator were on Jan 24-25 2019. The three ventures selected to compete in the main program came together in Basel at the DayOne lab and together with the coaching team they developed a baseline Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas. In addition, the teams also began thinking about how they can build a team and working on a pitch for the Future Health conference on 28th January 2019.

More info on the accelerator here.

Below you’ll find a copy of the material presented on the day and a bonus presentation on pitching.



Day one accelerator kickoff days from dayonebasel


DayOne Accelerator – how to pitch from dayonebasel