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Health Hack: Digital Health Nation (virtual event)

Health Hack is part of the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster’s “Challenge” stage, bringing together patients, caregivers, clinicians, providers, insurers, payers, data scientists, tech professionals (software, hardware) – everyone with a keen interest in healthcare! 

Over the course of 10 days, Health Hack focuses on addressing challenges encountered by patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs), fostering collaboration in co-creating digital health solutions and establishing innovation project teams. 

The Health Hack welcomes dreamers, innovators, and those with a curious and open mindset, regardless of their professional or personal history. Coding skills are not a prerequisite. 

The Health Hack is conducted virtually. Participants should allocate a few hours each day to engage, attend sessions with Champions, Mentors, and collaborate with their teams on ideas. All communication and co-creation activities will be conveniently facilitated through our online platform. 


  • Registration open – 18 March, 9am
  • Health Hack Kick-off – 17 April, 9am
  • Hack Days! – 17 – 25 April
  • Team formation closed – 22 April, 00:00
  • Closing submission of projects – 25 April, 10am
  • Closing ceremony – 26 April, 4pm