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Innovation in digital health offers a huge opportunity to create true value

Welcoming Effectum Medical as a DayOne Accelerator partner

The right path to regulatory approval is critical to the success of any digital health venture. The wrong approach can mean unnecessary expense or even worse not getting it right can mean having to repeat work and set a venture back 12 months or longer. We are very pleased to have Effectum Medical join as a partner for the DayOne Accelerator where they have already helped to deliver one of our first virtual workshops and also have given teams crucial insight on their specific challenges. We look forward to continue to work together in the coming months.

The regulatory field for Digital Health is a complicated and changing one with each startup having to answer questions around whether their product is a medical device, which class?, what does Software as Medical Device mean? and in the current climate – should I go for approval under the old Medical Device Directive (MDD) or Medical Device Regulation (MDR) or is in fact the US the best place to start for my product? These are the kinds of answers Effectum can help with.

Effectum Medical on why they partnered with DayOne:

“Innovation in digital health offers a huge opportunity to create true value by improving patient care and clinical outcomes. This, especially in telemedicine, diagnostics, and prevention or early detection. Sharing common missions with the DayOne Accelerator, we are happy to be their partner and support the start-ups of the DayOne Accelerator program, increase their chances for success and accelerate their time-to market.”