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EcokAI acquires our DayOne Alumnus Advancience

EvokAI Creative Labs Inc. has agreed a deal to acquire Advancience. The diagnosis profiles enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Advancience can be used to help monitor cognitive alterations with the aid of computer games. This should make it easier to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s at an early stage.


EvokAI Creative Labs is taking over Advancience AG as part of a deal announced by the AI-powered medtech firm. Both companies are based in Allschwil in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

EvokAI is building a platform for brain health and recovery. “Our concept is aimed at measuring the invisible”, comments Alejandro Antalich, co-founder of EvokAI, in the press release. “It is also tremendously important to be able to spot arising problems as soon as possible; knowing what’s typical is the most important foundation to know if something is out of the ordinary”, he adds.

The acquisition of Advancience brings the company one step closer to bridging the gap between neuroscience and AI. As part of EvokAI’s expansion plan, the takeover of Advancience will enable it to combat Alzheimer’s.

Advancience participated in DayOne Accelerator

Advancience is working with the University of Basel. The company offers digital, fully automated tests, in which it integrates gaming elements. By simulating various scenarios, these can be regarded as a “perfect tool to probe, assess and even predict human behavior”, the press release states.

DayOne, the Basel-based startup accelerator for the life sciences sector, is a partner of both EvokAI and Advancience. DayOne and Basel Area Business & Innovation, the investment and innovation promotion agency, awarded Advancience one of the three startup spots for its DayOne Accelerator program at Technologiepark Basel in 2019, supporting it with a grant of 70,000 Swiss francs in the process.

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