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From battling teen isolation and helping elders manage their medication to teaching healthy screentime reduction – digital healthcare projects take on exciting challenges. The expert panel of the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster selected 20 projects which are set to make a difference in digital health.

Digital health innovation is playing a pivotal role in transforming patient care and revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster, powered by Innosuisse, is at the forefront of nurturing and supporting radical innovation projects. With a focus on advancing patient care and healthcare systems, the independent expert panel has carefully selected 20 promising projects.  

Through its comprehensive support system, Innovation Booster empowers entrepreneurs and researchers to turn their visionary ideas into reality. The path to becoming part of the 2023 cohort was not easy. A panel of esteemed experts from both healthcare and technology domains meticulously evaluated project proposals. The selection criteria encompassed the potential for innovation, scalability, and tangible impact on healthcare in Switzerland. After a rigorous evaluation, 20 projects were invited to join the initial “Feasibility” stage of the program, and benefit from personalized coaching, non-dilutive funding and participation in boot camps and events to bring their idea to the next level.  Each of the selected interdisciplinary teams brings a unique perspective to the table, promising to address critical challenges: 

Patient engagement and empowerment

AdoLE (Adolescent Life Enhancer) is a hybrid technology platform that seamlessly integrates physical and digital elements to provide comprehensive mental fitness and emotional support for adolescents. It aims to combat prevalent mental health issues and anxiety among adolescents, addressing teen isolation, persistent sadness, feelings of loneliness, and poor self-esteem by providing a comprehensive solution that enhances overall well-being.
Autonomyo Digital Neurorehabilitation is a user-centric app to provide continuous care and treatment to patients suffering from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions. Its aim is primarily to offer intensive home treatment through remote therapy.
Go Healthy is a solution composed of a system based on an analytics dashboard for mental health experts and a chatbot mobile app for users/patients. It enhances the therapeutic alliance between therapists and patients, which is a predictor of a patient’s clinical improvement.
Gerisana smart pillbox is a next-gen medication management system for geriatric patients and their caregivers.
Healactively is a personalized Chronic Back Pain (CBP) management solution. is transforming patients’ stories into catalyzers of health innovation. By combining a privacy-compliant data management platform, conversational AI and digital narrative medicine, thus leveraging information from complex real-life situations of unserved patients, they will provide directions and recommendations for companies aiming at achieving more sustainable and impactful health innovation investments.
Sawera Health is a not-for-profit digital health foundation with a mission to empower, engage and connect children and families affected by childhood cancer to improve health, well-being and overall quality of life for the whole family during and after cancer treatments.
Zario aims to gamify screen time reduction and promote digital wellbeing. Innovative features backed by behavioral research help individuals develop a healthier relationship with their phones by gradually reducing usage and encouraging more mindful behaviors.

Healthcare information quality, access, and interoperability

AllesHealth is dedicated to bridging the gap between large, structured datasets, such as real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE), collected from patients and carers from lower middle income countries and industry consumers such as practitioners, healthcare companies, insurers and contract research organizations (CROs).
DigiHealth is developing a solution that provides a single experience for patients and clinicians for telerehabilitation. The goal is to unite digital rehabilitation solutions and harness their collective potential to enhance patient outcomes and engagement. (DayOne Health Hack: Data Future winner 2023)
Hemalytix builds a tool to support medical professionals in finding the right diagnosis using AI.
Octaive is an AI-powered clinical support tool that enables physicians to review medical records faster and more precisely.

Value-based healthcare

Gimini builds digital health solutions to empower patients for their medical interventions. The goal is to help every patient to have access to the information they need for their medical exams.
Glimpse Health redefines standard fatigue assessments with digital biomarkers. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is used as a prototype disease, but Glimpse aims to be disease independent and validate the solution for other chronic diseases.
Lealy initiative seamlessly integrates cutting-edge research in digital adherence with superior online coaching methods, thereby providing comprehensive support for patients in their journey towards habit transformation for long-lasting health outcomes.
MavenHealth offers an end-to-end metabolic health solution for healthcare providers to test individuals with minimum invasiveness, competitive cost and enable deep data interpretation and communication. It uses saliva as the bio-fluid for metabolic measurements analyzed through custom analytical methods on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Delivered on an easy-to-use, intuitive data platform for healthcare professionals.

(HCP) education and adoption of digital tools

insignERA is an innovative technology platform that aims to revolutionize accessibility in healthcare for individuals with hearing impairments. The solution combines cutting-edge avatar technology with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to bridge the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients who rely on sign language.
Nx5 is a scientifically based, mathematically delivered decision support tool for cardiac rehabilitation.
Sana meditech is working on an end-to-end intelligent medical product and diagnostic system for pediatric lung infection disease pathology with low-risk ultrasound imagery instead of X-ray and radiology practice, which is common in clinics and emergency medical institutes. The ease of the technology prevents potentially infectious patients from being exposed to X-ray examination areas and reduces the radiation they are often exposed to.
Sefit is aimed at helping people who suffer from impaired stimulus filtering and who often are not properly integrated into society. Therapists recommend exposure therapy but do not accompany the patients. Sefit solves the problem, offering a solution with VR, digital biomarkers and recorded scenes of everyday life to simplify, personalize and make exposure therapy more efficient.

Selected projects embody the spirit of progress, collaboration, and innovation that defines the future of healthcare. Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster offers a collaborative platform for knowledge-sharing and problem-solving, fostering an environment of continuous growth and improvement.

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