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The DayOne Health Hack this year was not only a big success but also carried significant meaning as it stood as the only patient-centric health hack in Switzerland. The event’s unique focus on patients added a valuable perspective and made it truly exceptional. This fusion of knowledge and expertise allowed for exploring unique perspectives and generating groundbreaking ideas. It’s time to reflect on the incredible ideas and congratulate the deserving winners who have shown us a glimpse of the future.

Congratulations to the winners!

Liliana Paredes, DigiHealth

Elena Börlin, SeFITT

Nihat Karaoglu, AstmaNet

Special prizes:

Thomas Geier, CareCompanion

Mathieu Stremsdoerfer, healactively

The winning idea: DigiHealth’s winning idea revolves around the concept of leveraging digital technologies and innovative solutions to extend the continuum of care beyond traditional healthcare settings. The team envisions a future where patients can receive comprehensive care and rehabilitation services in the comfort of their homes, aided by cutting-edge technologies.

Congratulations to DigiHealth and all the winners of the DayOne Health Hack for their ideas. DigiHealth received an invitation to join the Innovation Booster Digital Health Nation powered by Innosuisse which highlights the potential of their concept to shape the future of patient-centered care.