Catalyst projects at DayOne

One of the pillars of the DayOne strategy is to drive Catalyst projects – collaborative approaches to bottlenecks in Healthcare Innovation. Bottleneck issues in healthcare are often described as “wicked problems” that can only be solved collaboratively.

Collaborative problem solving is however difficult to do. That goes for any industry, but is even more true in Healthcare, where the players have historically been siloed by competitive and cultural barriers and where economic incentives for collaboration are often misaligned.

To address this, DayOne provides a neutral platform and the right methodologies to engage multiple project partners across disciplines, institutions and industries in collaborative innovation. The projects focus on where industry structures are preventing optimal solutions and where DayOne can act as a catalyst. Topics can range from technological to conceptual, depending on stakeholders’ needs.

Projects can be of all types, ranging from ideation sessions to better scope issues, workshops to develop solutions addressing these issues, through to business case development and solution deployment.

The DayOne catalyst project team custom-designs the appropriate approaches and brings together the healthcare stakeholders needed at each stage of the project.

The projects need to be truly collaborative and in the non-competitive space. Outputs of the workshops are published to the community. An important by product of these projects is to foster a culture of collaboration within the regional healthcare ecosystem.

Initial ideations sessions are free, further development is then co-funded by the interested parties at cost.

If you or your organization would like to launch a Catalyst project, please contact frank.notexisting@nodomain.comkumli@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss

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