Collaborative Space

DayOne Lab

The DayOne Labs at the Technologiepark Basel provides a new and unique place for collaboration, creation and innovation: The lab is dedicated to startups, entre- and intrapreneurs and innovators in the realm of digital health who are interested in interacting with the residents at Technologiepark and keen to play an active role in strengthening the ecosystem in the Basel region.



The shared use of office spaces creates opportunities for exchanges, interaction and collaboration. Hot desks are designed for people who require flexible access to workstations but don’t need a private office or to sit at the same desk every day. Users can choose any desk on a “first come, first serve” basis, which is to be left clean and tidy in the evening (clean desk policy).

Workshop Space

Shared desks are one part of the offer. The other, the vital part consists in the Workshop Space. What strikes the visitor when entering the spacious room on the seventh floor is the view over the Basel rooftops, the movable whiteboard walls and a bright blue tribune to accommodate up to 40 people.

Several different setups are easy adjustable


  • Access to 3 flex desk rooms of different size
  • 1 trolly (wheeled unit for storing office materials)
  • Access to the IT infrastructure (including connections and broadband internet access)
  • Access to Meeting rooms and an auditorium of the Technologiepark basel
  • Access to Cafeteria and a Common area
  • Toilets, shower and changing facilities
  • Photocopier/printer/scanner
  • Staffed reception (8.00 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Desk cleaning
  • Reference on the DayOne and SIP websites
  • Domicile confirmation at SIP Basel-Area in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

You get this all for CHF 350.- / month

Contacts for further information

Fabian Streiff, fabian.notexisting@nodomain.comstreiff@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss 

Our Tenants

aiNET GmbH

aiNET leverages artificial intelligence and large-scale networks for data analytics. aiNET serves pharmaceutical industries and biotechs discover biologics from next-generation sequencing big data.

GeneLook AG

In the genetic era GeneLook lets you manage your DNA from the palm of your hand. We offer you value in real time ranging from understanding your susceptibility to disease risks, or what foods are good for you, to even understanding your personality traits based on your genetics.

HealthHack Lab

We are a non profit lab for patients, caregivers and innovators to co-create solutions that address everyday health challenges. We bring people, training, knowledge and equipment together to help others to improve their lives step by step.

KetoSwiss AG

KetoSwiss is a University of Basel spinoff- brings an efficient and long-neglected fuel for the brain (ketone bodies) back into the modern world, to combat neurological diseases, such as migraine.

Soladis GmbH

Soladis is a data expert.

Its unique know-how in statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, clinical trials, data science, IoT and digitalization makes Soladis the perfect partner for  your data-related projects.

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