Save the Dates 2020:

Thomas Brenzikofer
Thomas Brenzikofer



Save the Dates 2020:

Expert events have been announced for 2020. Take a look at the topics and mark the dates on your calendar.

Expert Events

We are excited to share with you the dates and topics that have been set for the upcoming Expert Events!  Make sure you are signed up to recieve our event invites so you don't miss a beat. Registration will be open soon. 

April 28 - DayOne Experts - Value-based Healthcare

Value-based healthcare: why is it needed, how is it done and who will profit?

Whether a treatment works or not, this risk as to be fully covered by the patient and payer. This paradigm is about to change. As precision medicine moves forward, the ability to better predict and measure treatment outcomes will increasingly become a given. This may lead to a paradigm shift: the cost of future treatments will only be reimbursed if they deliver on their promise. But who decides which outcomes are really relevant to patients and how is this value to be captured? What will these new business models look like and are they likely to boost innovation or not?

June 17 - DayOne Experts – Regulating the Digital

The new regulatory and legal landscape: A burden or an opportunity for digital healthcare?

The new EU regulation on medical devices (MDR), which enters into force on 25 May 2020, has one important implication: software will be treated as a Medical Device. At first glance, there will be a significant increase in the requirements for authorization. But in the long run, the MDR could prove highly beneficial, as it separates the serious solutions from digital snake oil. The DayOne Expert will provide hands-on information and discuss
important issues concerning the changing legal and regulatory landscape for healthcare innovation.

August 26 - DayOne Experts - Smart Prevention

The business model behind not having to treat: how can prevention get smart?

Healthcare as we know it is all about diagnosing and treating disease. Wouldn’t it make more sense to prevent people from becoming a patient in the first place? The more detail we establish about how diseases evolve and progress, the better we will be able to detect health risks at the personal level and suggest tailored measures. But in reality things look rather different: How can “not having to treat” become a business model in an industry
that works according to the principle that the more you treat the more you earn? And what does smart prevention mean for the individual? Will we see the rise of health regimes where being sick is considered a crime?

December 8 - DayOne Experts - Public Health

How to stop patients from becoming patients? – Public Health Data may provide the answer

Public health data unveils multiple insights into patterns of disease progression and help stratify patients more precisely. This will contribute to explore new approaches focusing more on risk detection and early interventions. To become reality this vision has to tackle some big challenges: Firstly, how can we gain access to the relevant data? Secondly, how can we make our healthcare system ready to meet the citizen needs which are driven by
the insights into those data?

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