DayOne Experts- Value-based healthcare

Thomas Brenzikofer
Thomas Brenzikofer



DayOne Experts- Value-based healthcare

Why is it needed; how is it done; and who will benefit from it?

Join us on 18.06.2020; 16:00 – 18:00

Let’s say you buy a coffee machine and it doesn’t work – you will probably return it. If you buy a medical treatment and it doesn’t work, you still have to pay for it. In other words: In healthcare, the risk of whether an intervention delivers on the promised outcome or not is covered by the payer. Advances to change this paradigm are not new, but haven’t succeeded so far. Now, cost pressure and the development of highly effective but expensive treatments make new approaches necessary. Furthermore, the rise of digital technologies and data science allow to more precisely define and measure treatment outcomes and are therefore seen as a crucial driver for value-based healthcare solutions.

At this DayOne Experts event, organized in close collaboration with Deloitte, we will give an overview of where the discussions stand; possible solutions; and we will show how value-based healthcare could, should, and will impact the industry. During the webinar, which will include deep dive sessions, we will seek answers to some of the most pressing questions: “How to define the value of a health outcome; how to capture it? In which areas of intervention is the value-based healthcare approach feasible; where would it be desirable? To what extent will value-based healthcare create new opportunities and accelerate innovation?”



Barri Falk, Swiss Life Sciences Consulting Lead, Deloitte



Thomas Brenzikofer, Moderator, DayOne Healthcare Innovation, Basel Area Business & Innovation



The bigger picture
Elizabeth Hampson, Director Health Innovation Strategy, Deloitte (UK)

Industry view
Michael Rebhan, Senior Investigator Novartis Institute of Medical Research

Start-up view
Michel Mohler, Co-Founder and CFO of Lyfegen

Healthcare provider view
Florian Rüter, Head of Quality Management, University Hospital of Basel

17:15 Moderated deep dive sessions with speakers in parallel in separate virtual rooms
17:45 Feedback by speakers and moderators

Closing remarks

Barri Falk, Deloitte

18:00 Channels remain open for networking






















Register here today and join us on June 18 between 4 to 6 pm.  After your registration you will receive the link to access the online event.

Participation to the event is free of charge; however, your registration by 17th June 2020 is kindly required. Register now. 



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