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Thomas Brenzikofer
Thomas Brenzikofer

Manager Network and Events, Healthcare Innovation - DayOne


DayOne Experts - Healthcare Innovation - reinvented

It’s an expensive und exhausting run against time: It takes approximately 2,3 billion Dollars and 12 years to bring a drug to the market. This leaves only 8 years until the expiration of the patent to bring back sufficient return on investments. So far, this has worked out well for the industry but the run is getting steeper every year: on the one hand, it becomes increasingly complex and expensive to develop new drugs, on the other hand prizes are under scrutiny. Hence, the industry is sitting on a time bomb, as the day will come when the returns will not cover the investments anymore and the innovation pipeline will dry out because bringing new drugs to the market does no longer offer any financial incentives.
What can be done about this scenario? Eventually (and hopefully), these projections prove wrong as there is still a lot to be gained by efficiency improvement through digitalizing all along the value chain – after all healthcare still is one of the least digitalized industries. Will this be enough – or do we have to reinvent healthcare innovation in a radical new way?
Our next DayOne Experts Event will showcase some game changing ideas and discuss their feasibility and impact with an expert panel and the audience. Don’t miss this chance to rethink healthcare innovation and join our next DayOne Experts Event:
When: 07.05.2019, 18:15 to 20:00
Where: Halle 7, Gundeldingerfeld, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel


Welcome and Moderation
Thomas Brenzikofer, DayOne


Input Speeches and panel discussion with:

The Industry Perspective

Peter Groenen, Idorsia

The public health perspective
Melissa Penny, Swiss TPH

The Hospital as Innovation Hub:
Noé Brasier, University Hospital Basel

Healthhackers: Patients at the forefront
Giovanni Nisato, Member of Board, Health Hacking Lab    

Collaborative Research: Science rebooted

Martin Etzrodt, Principal Researcher Akasha Foundation

The next Crypto: Patents reengineered  
Paul Kohlhaas, CEO Linumlabs, Founder of Molecule


Networking Apéro

Participation to the event is free of charge; however, your registration by 6th May 2019 is kindly required.

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