DayOne as a Patients Included conference

Frank Kumli


DayOne as a Patients Included conference

DayOne is starting its journey to become a “Patients Included” conference. See for more info.

Improving health outcomes for patients has always been at the center of what we do. 

Our health hacking group is probably the best testimonial on how we have early-on supported and engaged patients on their journey to improve their health outcomes.

This year, we have worked closely with to include patients with experience in fields related to healthcare innovation in each of the sessions of the day.

Participants to our afternoon’s workshops will have the opportunity to vet their healthcare innovation ideas with invited patients.

We have engaged to compensate for all travel and accommodation for the patient’s representatives, in a common effort with

With the Congress Center Basel ( , we have selected a location where disability requirements of participants are accommodated.

We have chosen to make all our events free of charge to all participants and for now cannot provide video streaming within this budget constraint. We will however have a team reporting during the day on twitter – make sure to follow #DayOneBasel.

Full presentations given at the two previous conferences as well as material from the project work are available free of charge following the links at

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