DayOne Lab Talk: Towards successful adoption of healthcare technologies

Fabian Streiff
Fabian Streiff


DayOne Lab Talk: Towards successful adoption of healthcare technologies

When: 15.09.2020 | 16:30 – 18:00 CEST
Where: Online

Technology adoption in healthcare: identifying current gaps and moving towards successful acceptance and implementation

Research has shown that novel healthcare technologies such as mHealth interventions can play a major role in shifting towards more patient-centric healthcare approaches. They help address some of the persistent challenges including increasing costs, inconsistent patient care, and a growing burden of chronic disease. COVID-19 is a clear example of how technology can play a crucial role in public health, as it created a surge in adoption. Nevertheless, there are some challenges that persist, and should be properly addressed if we are to see sustainable adoption of healthcare technology.

In this lab talk, we will address the different challenges to mHealth adoption from technical, social, and organisational perspectives, and will discuss potential actions that could foster the uptake and enable its sustainability, for it to become a natural part of standard care.

We will start with an extensive overview of the different factors impacting adoption based on scientific research, followed by a best practice case of how health technology providers may partner with clinics and hospitals to create sustainable solutions that fit into their overall workflow.




Fabian Streiff, DayOne, Basel Area Business & Innovation



Manuel Kammermann, Arcondis


Towards successful adoption of healthcare technologies

Christine Jacob, Digi-Bridges



Chrysanth Sulzberger, Imito





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