Value Based Healthcare

Value Based Healthcare

Value Based Healthcare (VBHC) offers the patient “The best possible healthcare at affordable costs - strictly oriented towards the benefits of healthcare for the patient 1”. This simple goal has proven hard to deliver in practice.  There is well developed theory on the implementation and some examples but still relatively few success stories.

Together with Pharma, Provider and Payer partners we believe that harnessing the energy of entrepreneurs and working together on defined challenges will help to both implement specific solutions and if learning is shared then it can collectively bring the industry closer to delivering on the promise of VBHC.

The consortium is particularly interested in working with solutions that can make an impact on;

  • Mapping of patient journeys to allow patient empowerment and care co-ordination
  • Understanding, capture and sharing of healthcare costs
  • Benchmarking of costs and outcomes  
  • Solutions that promote connection and collaboration around data and images between stakeholders including patients

 In addition to the standard accelerator program ventures selected for the VBHC theme will have the opportunity to work with the partners on defining how their solution can be implemented including initial funding from the consortium. It is also a chance for ventures to test their ideas with customers committed to Value Based Healthcare.

After application, shortlisted ventures will get an opportunity to engage in open innovation at the DayOne Conference where they can pitch their ideas and work on solutions with the DayOne ecosystem. After the conference the ventures will make an application to enter the DayOne Accelerator from Jan-Jun 2021 and present to the selection committee via videoconference. Selected ventures will be informed in early December.

Apply Here by 28.10.2020 for the DayOne Accelerator and indicate you would like to apply to the Value Based Healthcare theme.

More information about the DayOne Accelerator is available here

1 Porter/ Teisberg, 2006 “Value-based competition in healthcare”, “Redefining Health Care”

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