Diabetes and metabolism

Diabetes and Metabolism together with Diabetes Center Berne

“Diabetes never gives you a break. It is always present in our lives. Lives where the only constant thing is change.” (Anna, 30, Helsinki. Living with diabetes Type 1 for 28 years).

“Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health challenges of the 21st century (…). The increasing prevalence of diabetes worldwide is driven by a complex interplay of socioeconomic, demographic, environmental and genetic factors. The continued rise is largely due to an upsurge in type 2 diabetes and related risk factors, which include rising levels of obesity, unhealthy diets and widespread physical inactivity.” (International Diabetes Federation, 2019).

Do you think diabetes prevention and management should become easier and more sustainable for the healthcare ecosystem?

We do too and are looking for HealthTech- and Research Innovators, HCP- and Patient entrepreneurs who want to tackle these challenges together with committed partners to help shape the future of health.

Together with DayOne, Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) is supporting this DayOne Accelerator theme that aims to translate science into products and services, and to bring your idea to the next level.

Let us make an impact for the diabetes community!

Shortlisted ventures in the Diabetes and Metabolism theme will get an opportunity to be part of the open innovation session at the DayOne Conference and engage with DCB and partners in research, clinic, technology, regulatory, market access and community.

After the DayOne Conference, ventures may make their final application for selection in the DayOne Accelerator from Jan-Jun 2021, considering both DayOne and DCB selection criteria in the Diabetes and Metabolism theme.

  • Selected projects with a strategic DCB fit can bring their idea to the next level by taking part in the DayOne Accelerator program and also accessing the DCB partner network
  • Diabetes Center Berne may also supporting promising ideas in the field of diabetes and metabolism by offering facilities, laboratories, clinical- and business services and funding
  • Funding decisions for selected projects are made together with the Diabetes Centre Berne evaluation committee

Apply here for the DayOne Accelerator and indicate you would like to apply to the Diabetes & Metabolism theme.

More information about the DayOne Accelerator is available here

More information on Diabetes Center Berne at www.dcberne.com

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