Future of Health

New approaches to healthcare innovation are urgently needed. It is expected that the healthcare system as we know it today will not be able to cope with the demand arising from an ageing population and society’s changing lifestyles. Healthcare innovation and delivery has unfortunately, historically happened in silos meaning that many promising approaches have not reached patients.

We believe there is an opportunity to transform healthcare innovation and delivery by harnessing these siloed capabilities, even those within walls of the same institutions and companies around the patient under the umbrella of precision medicine.

This insight brought together a number of life science experts to create what was the Precision Medicine Group Basel Area in 2015. During 2016 as the group gained momentum from a number of events and discussions in the Basel Area it was decided to actively extend the group to bring in representatives from across healthcare and academia and relaunch as DayOne - The Swiss Innovation Hub for Precision Medicine.  

More detail is available in the discussion paper posted below

Information from the launch event is here 


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