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About DayOne

Serving the growing community of healthcare innovators

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Who we are

Pioneers of the growing community of healthcare innovators

DayOne, initiated by a Core Team of volunteering industry experts, medical doctors, tech enthusiasts and researchers, serves a growing community of 2000 healthcare innovators throughout the Basel life sciences and healthcare ecosystem. DayOne is operated by BaselArea.swiss, the office for promoting innovation and inward investment for the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura. DayOne is supported with a special financial contribution by the canton of Basel-Stadt and also by a wide range of knowledge partners and supporting partners.


We facilitate collaboration across disciplines and industries.

DayOne’s mission is to create a world-leading hub for healthcare innovation, built on the strength of the Basel region. DayOne aims to be respected for its impact facilitating collaboration across disciplines and industries with a clear focus on precision medicine – understood as the convergence of diagnostics, treatment and digital health.

Why healthcare innovation?

The healthcare system as we know it today will not be able to cope with the demand arising from an ageing population and society’s changing lifestyles. New approaches to healthcare innovation are therefore urgently needed. At DayOne, we believe that there is an opportunity to transform our understanding of health and the delivery of treatment and care by breaking down silos and harnessing innovation capabilities around the patient under the umbrella of precision medicine providing the right treatment to the right person at the right time.


As a Hub for healthcare innovation, DayOne consists of six core activities which reinforce each other and together strengthen the ecosystem as a whole

1. Network

At its core, DayOne serves a growing network of healthcare innovators who want to shape the future of health and drive change.

2. Events

Through various event formats, ranging from evening sessions to co-creation workshops and open innovation conferences, DayOne regularly brings together a vibrant community of industry professionals, business experts, tech enthusiasts, researchers, academia and patients to exchange their insights and ideas on the most relevant topics in healthcare innovation. More

3. Catalyst projects

Big topics identified as bottleneck issues are brought to the catalyst projects level. We facilitate a truly collaborative approach to co-designing solutions with the participation of all relevant stakeholders of the ecosystem. More

4. Accelerator

The DayOne acceleration program is designed to develop products and services tackling challenges which are brought to the community by industry and institutional partners. Providing tailor-made ecosystem support, the DayOne accelerator enables a selected group of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to jump-start their business in healthcare innovation. More

5. Invest in Basel

The International Markets and Business Affairs team has a track record of supporting companies from abroad with establishing a presence in the Basel area. The team provides tailor made consulting and connects companies to local experts to ensure a smooth establishment process in Europe's leading healthcare innovation system. Get in contact with us: Invest in the Basel area.

6. Collaborative Workspace

The collaborative workspace, part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, offers a range of colocation services. Companies, healthcare innovators, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs find an inspirational working environment in a specially designed co-creation space. More

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