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Thomas Brenzikofer
Thomas Brenzikofer

Manager Network and Events, Healthcare Innovation - DayOne


Artificial Intelligence – the Holy Grail to Healthcare Innovation?

Last winter, Julia got a cough and a headache. For the third time she went to her physician, who sent her home with painkillers, thinking that it was, after all, just another case of flu. But what if Julia was different from the other flu-stricken patients that the doctor had seen previously? What if her symptoms were those of a rare cancer?

Julia might want to consult a health app for a second opinion. Such AI-driven solutions were presented at the event “DayOne Experts: Artificial Intelligence – The Holy Grail of Healthcare Innovation?” on June 7th which was organized in close partnership with the Life Science Forum Basel at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel.

Dr Martin Hirsch, co-founder of Ada Health, discussed how AI revolutionizes healthcare. Health apps powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now playing Dr. House by tackling health mysteries. They ask a series of questions to patients on how they feel and produce a list of possible diagnoses. Patients can then use this information to solve their ailments themselves or show the results to their doctors to find a treatment.

In an era where medical diagnoses become increasingly personalized, how long will it take us to all have a virtual doctor in the pocket?

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