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A new healthtech event is here: BOOM Summit will be a journey into the future of healthcare technology. In April 2024, the healthtech world will meet in Basel.

When you think of pioneering transformations in healthcare, what comes to mind? For us at DayOne, it’s about discovering innovations, pushing boundaries, and reshaping the way we approach health. Now, in collaboration with Kenes Group, a global leader in event management, we are excited to present an event that stands as a beacon for the future of healthcare technology: BOOM Summit 2024.

BOOM Summit 2024 isn’t just another event. It’s a journey, a discovery, and most importantly, an invitation to be a part of something bigger than us. Hosted in Basel, Switzerland on 10 and 11 April, this is where the future begins.

7 reasons why you should not miss this event:

Discover innovations
Be the first to explore the trends that will shape the industry for years to come.

Push boundaries
We are here to shatter and reshape! Challenge your understanding and dare to think differently.

Immerse yourself
Our carefully curated sessions ensure that you dive deep into transformative talks from cutting-edge speakers and have access to groundbreaking tech showcases.

Build connections
Connect with the best – from agile startups to industry leaders, patients, tech wizards and beyond.

Expand your knowledge in
– harnessing health data accessibility.
– navigating the health/disease continuum.
– transitioning sick care into comprehensive healthcare.

Tap into Basel Area’s best
Engage with Basel Area’s thriving healthtech ecosystem and discover the innovations born from our community.

Innovate for patients
Hear from end-users to learn how to create solutions that are truly fit for purpose.