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expert events 2021
Health Data, FemTech, Patient reported outcomes and Decision Support – our DayOne Expert Event program for 2021

One year into the pandemic one must admit, Covid-19 has intruded societies and profoundly shaken up some of the pillars it relies on. Especially regarding the healthcare sector. In a nutshell, we have to acknowledge that (digital) technology — alone — though important is not the only solution. Human factors, be them political, societal, or economic matter just as much. That’s why this year, the DayOne events will focus on how humans interact with digital health tech- to accelerate how we design and deploy better, human-centered innovations in the future.

You can find an overview of our events program below:

Upcoming Events

POSTPONED – “Patient-Reported Outcome Measurements — how they are implemented, why they are needed and what they reveal”

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During the pandemic, we had to learn that Governments are reluctant to push new technology. As of June, Switzerland had an official contact tracing app ready for use. As of today only roughly a third of the required crowd to produce meaningful outcomes have downloaded it. Why? Citizens do not trust the institutions. That’s why it seemed politically inappropriate to make digital contact tracing compulsory – at least for certain activities. This needs to change! Patients Outcomes in addition — or even in opposition — to clinical outcomes are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare. Not only to identify new solutions but also to enable new business models in the broad field of value-based healthcare. But this will only work if we will be able to get citizens and patients involved. We will explore the value of patient-reported outcome measures and how to engage patients in our Expert Event in June.

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“Decision Support systems — are they and how can we make them trustworthy?”

DayOne Expert Event, September 1, 16.00 to 18.00, online

Algorithms make decisions faster and way more accurate than humans. This is true for complicated issues, but not in complex environments, which is mostly the case in healthcare. Nevertheless, decision support systems will shape future health — but we need to find out how to make best use of them. This was made clear by the pandemic. Authorities struggled – or refused – to make their decisions on a transparent set of measures: What to watch at? Rate of Deaths, Infections, Hospitalisations, two-week incidences per 100K? This is exactly where decision support systems come in. But in order to make their algorithms work, consent between all stakeholders is needed so that they actually work. Innovative Regulation and new forms of collaboration will play a crucial role in developing and making the best use of decision support systems, our topic for the Expert Event in September.

We are very much looking forward to foster an open dialog across diverse stakeholders of the ecosystem along these insight areas. Each topic will start with an Expert Event followed by series of up to four deep-dive sessions. The results of these collaborative efforts will be brought back to the DayOne Conference taking place in November, together with the patient-driven projects from the DayOne Health Hack and the candidates for the DayOne Accelerator.

If you have any suggestions, great stories, and insights you would like to share and/or if you would like to become a co-host and supporting partner of the 2021 DayOne journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This event is not online yet.

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Previous Events

“10 Scenarios for a better understanding of the health data future”

DayOne Expert Event (in Collaboration with Deloitte HealthConnect) March 2, 16.00 to 18.00, online

The most important resource of healthcare innovation, data, remained largely untapped in informing and consenting decisions mitigating the pandemic. Why? Partly because they are not there, partly because we cannot trust them and partly because we don’t want to listen to them. We will talk about the need to create a solid health data ecosystem and will present and discuss the results of the “DayOne Health Data Scenario Project” which has been carried out in 2020 and will continue in 2021. You will learn from 10 scenarios that will shape the health data ecosystem and discuss their impact on patients, science, innovation, healthcare providers and business.

“Gender matters — ready for FemTech to disrupt healthcare?”

DayOne Expert Event, April 21, 16.00 to 18.00, online

The right intervention at the right time for the right people, the mantra of precision medicine, couldn’t have been more neglected during the pandemic. Unable to model diverse preventive measures according to different risk groups we shut down and locked up people regardless of their risk exposure and individual burden. This way, the young having a very low risk had to take a comparable higher burden than the aged and high-risk groups. We will further tap into the need for demographically specified health prevention and care services in our Expert Event on FemTech in April. We will present solutions that focus on the particular needs of women and discuss how healthcare could and should adapt to gender diversity.