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Embed Health 4.0 in your organization with DayOne

The digitalization of healthcare is expected to bring improvements and benefits, both for patients and the overall healthcare system. It also brings its fair share of challenges for pharma industry players, tech companies and payers like insurance companies. At DayOne, we help you navigate the digital health waters.

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The Future is now

Advances in digital healthcare technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, robots, and nanotechnology are changing the future of healthcare right now, right in front of us. Technologies are already helping us, such as applying machine learning to mammography to improve breast cancer detection. Health 4.0 unlocks formidable opportunities, ranging from personalized treatment, early detection of cancers, or prediction of treatment outcomes.

Health 4.0 and the challenge of digitalizing the health system for better patient care

Companies, like yours maybe, are certainly making efforts to keep up with the fast-paced new tech trends and working hand-in-hand with technology building the future of healthcare. Like any transformation, Health 4.0 brings along its own challenges: access to innovation, organizational transformation, integration of new technologies and sustainability of the new business models, among others. This sounds familiar? At DayOne, we are here to help!

Health 4.0 is improving healthcare

Health 4.0 is the tech-driven transformation of our traditional healthcare industry as we know it. The concept is derived from Industry 4.0., which represents the fourth manufacturing revolution. Health 4.0 offers a wide range of possibilities for using Industry 4.0 technologies to improve healthcare. The objective? To provide patients with better, more value-added, and more cost-effective healthcare services, while also improving the industry’s efficacy and efficiency. Exciting technologies, like Cloud computing, Big Data (BD), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and many more, are opening fantastic and exciting opportunities to change the care pathway and the overall healthcare systems. You want to find out how to harness Health 4.0 in your company? Our DayOne team is accompanying you every step of the way.

The DayOne Accelerator, shaping Health 4.0

Recently ranked in the top 10 accelerators in Europe for health technologies, the DayOne initiative offers a platform for collaborative innovation across disciplines and industries by accelerating startups, launching catalyst projects, and hosting a community and events to bring innovative healthcare ventures forward.

Since 2018, the DayOne Accelerator has supported 23 companies with a combined valuation of over CHF 80 million. We contribute to the life sciences ecosystem of the Basel Area, helping to launch, connect, and mentor many innovative healthcare ventures in digital health, medtech, medical devices, AI and more.

Testimonials from some of our Alumni

Thanks to our acceleration programs, our partners get the opportunity to jointly work with some brilliant minds and startups, leveraging some leading-edge technologies such as AI, digital biomarkers, VR/AR, or solutions in trending fields such as patient remote monitoring or brain health. Discover a few of our Alumni in these areas:

Artificial Intelligence

One example is Zoundream which uses AI to monitor baby cries to identify infants’ needs, emotions, well-being, and physical and neurological status. Another of our Alumni, Rekonas, has developed AI for EGG analysis to assess brain health, current, future cognition, and sleep macro/micro-structure. Or Nutrix, which applies AI to analyze molecules and biomarkers in saliva samples for health monitoring.

Digital Biomarkers

Magnes and its connected smart shoes provide gait analysis and haptic feedback in patients with neurodegenerative diseases, allowing for monitoring of the disease progression and drug efficacy thanks to digital biomarkers assessment in clinical trials.


Rescape are using VR in healthcare to reduce pain, anxiety and improve the patient experience with their medical device DR.VR®. Once it will be effectively incorporated into patient care pathways, it will make a tangible difference to both adults and children.


Hope Care developed a digital health platform called HCAlert, a telehealth system for clinical triage, allowing the care teams to attend and assist patients remotely in a simple and innovative way. It includes remote patient management and vital signs monitoring, as well as patient empowerment to increase self-management capabilities and adherence management.

Brain Health (Dementia)

OptiChroniX is an American-Swiss digital health company dedicated to improving brain health. Their application that has an embedded late life dementia risk predictor, does continuous screening for cognitive change and focuses on modifiable factors in lifestyle, as well as current health status. It is aimed at people in their mid-forties and/or early patients for MCI or early Alzheimer’s with their caregivers.

Brain Health
(Chronic pain)

TrainPain is an Israeli startup developing the next generation of treatment for chronic pain. Their first product is a patented digital health technology that combines neuroplasticity training and gaming to reduce pain.

Why choose DayOne to accelerate Health 4.0 in your company?

Let’s start with what we are NOT:

  • a generic accelerator that provides masterclasses on general topics easily found on the web, sprinkled with a few hours of coaching with experts who won’t lift a finger when their 1-hour-slot is over.
  • a challenge-based acceleration program that will source startups for a pilot in your organization… And after three months, nothing happened.
  • a matchmaking platform for business development, aka writing introduction emails to your organization.

We like to do things differently with the DayOne Accelerator. Let us show you how.

What we are

Our approach is structured and anchored in the long term

  • We use state of the art methods to identify new and emerging product opportunities for your organization
  • We provide rapid initial scientific evaluation of new technologies, ingredients and trends and their market applications as well as recommendations on partnership types & structures
  • We provide a systematic, highly tailored and cost-efficient approach to co-creating and partnering with startups, by readying you for innovative partnering models such as joint development agreements, co-licensing and minorty investments
  • Our focus is on the long-term benefits serving both the startups and our partnering organizations

Patient-centered innovation is in our DNA

  • We truly foster patient-centered innovation
  • We provide industry-best acceleration with our leading competency in patient engagement and validation
  • We leverage the complementarity of our multiple patient-centered projects and initiatives

We offer an established platform to scale in Switzerland and Europe

  • We provide the best possible access to Swiss health ecosystem supported by government
  • We have built deep relationships with key enablers and world-class expertise across the value chain
  • We enable access to our existing public-private consortiums, community and initiatives

Up for the challenge to make your organization fit for Health 4.0? Explore how DayOne Health 4.0 is accelerating digital transformation in healthcare.

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