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NTN Innovation Booster Digital Health Nation

What you need to know about digital health in Switzerland.

Digital Health Nation is an NTN Innovation Booster powered by Innosuisse. We aim at transforming and improving the Swiss healthcare system, but more importantly, patients’ lives.

We help you with all the important aspects for the successful implementation of ideas right from the start: customer needs, feasibility and profitability.

With benefits such as personalized coaching, funding, visibility and access to our network you will be supported to transform your idea into a minimum viable product (MVP).

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projects accelerated per year
Swiss francs per idea in non-dilutive funding
hours of individualized coaching per idea

We prepare you for success

From idea to minimal viable product (MVP) we prepare you for success

Gain access to a comprehensive and engaged network in the field of digital health, including academia, corporate, payers and end-users.

Digital Health Nation Coaching DayOne
Personalized Coaching

Receive over 30 hours of coaching and mentoring by world-class experts to bring your idea to life.

Non-dilutive Funding

Secure up to 20’000 CHF in non-dilutive funding to create your minimal viable product and validate your hypotheses and ideas.


Showcase your startup at DayOne events and increase your visibility towards investors, partners, and end-users.


Gain the experience of working alongside entrepreneurs, coaches, and industry experts at our creative space in our Switzerland Innovation Parks.


Co-create your product with patient champions and end-users utilizing design thinking.

We are looking for you

Do you fulfill the following requirements?

1. Be a citizen or Swiss resident

2. Have an innovative idea in one if the following themes:

  • Shorter time to diagnostics
  • Ubiquitous care
  • Chronic patient participation
  • Use and accessibility of data in healthcare

3. Have a team including an implementation partner and a research partner (if not, join our “Find a partner” networking event)

Apply now


April – June 8th 2022

Open applications

June 2nd -7th 2022

Find a partner networking events

June 2022

Communication of 20 ideas for the 2022 program

July 2022

Start of the acceleration program

November 2022

Demo Day

How to apply

Ready for the next step? Your success is only three steps away.
1. Apply to an open call

This year Digital Health Nation focuses on 4 main themes

1. Shorter time to diagnostics
2. Ubiquitous care
3. Chronic patient participation
4. Use and accessibility of data in healthcare

2. Get pre-selected

A pre-selected group of ideas will be contacted by email and requested to provide additional information on the project. It will only take 30-60 min of your time.

3. Convince our selection committee

You made it through the pre-selection? Well done!

You now get the opportunity to meet our expert panel and pitch your solution. There are 20 spots per year. Good luck!

Interested in participating?

Ready for Acceleration? Your first step to applying to our DayOne Accelerator with its 3 verticals starts here! We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Strategic Partner

Platform Partners

Silver Partner

Community Partners

Advisors to be announced soon

Interested in partnering with us?

Please contact If you would like to be part of a public-private consortium, sponsor an annual theme and have access to radical innovation processes and startups, reach out to Ursula Costa and learn more about partnership opportunities.


Stay tuned for alumni from the Digital Health Nation vertical, as this is our first run. Until then, check out which alumni startups have graduated from our accelerator so far!


Talk to our expert

Ursula Costa

Manager, Patient-Centered Initiatives – DayOne | Lead, Digital Health Nation

Email UrsulaLinkedInTwitter


Do I need my own startup to apply?

No, we are looking for the best ideas. However, we will help you find partners and incorporate your idea as a startup if needed during the program.

Do I need to live in Switzerland to apply?

Although you don’t need to currently live in Switzerland to apply, you need to have at least one Swiss partner actively engaged in your project. In addition, joining on-site workshops and events (mostly in the Basel Area) is an important part of the program that you need to consider before the application.

What is expected from me during the program?

We do expect your dedication to developing your idea. You will have to attend workshops and sessions with your coaches as well as internal pitch days and demos. Furthermore, we expect you to meet your milestones and show commitment to the program.

Can I get further support at the end of the program?

We will strive to have a selected number of projects ready to apply for further Innosuisse funds. In addition, some of our corporate partners might be able to support you and your idea but we cannot make any commitment beyond the program.

Can I apply as an individual person?

Digital Health Nation is an NTN Innovation Booster – in order to qualify, you need to have or be a research partner and/or an implementation partner.

If you don’t have partners yet, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea and network for research or implementation partners at our wide consortium. Here you will get feedback, and potentially collaboration for the duration of the program!

Your pitch will be recorded so other potential partners can watch it later and join your initiative. All you need to do is come, present your idea in 5 minutes, explain the type of partner you are looking for (research, clinical, implementation) and get ready to meet new people!

Research partners are those actors who develop an idea with implementation partners on the basis of their research findings and competencies. These include university research institutes, non-commercial research centers outside the university sector, departmental research institutions with their own research projects and federal research institutes.

Implementation partners are those actors who implement the innovation ideas, thus creating economic added value. These can be start-ups, SMEs or larger companies that offer products or services or implement processes. However, they can also be non-profit organizations such as patient associations that can generate societal benefits and reduce public costs through the implementation of innovations.

Join us at our Find a partner networking events!

How can I find my partner?

We believe Innovation comes from co-creation and collaboration

If you have an idea on the field of digital health but don’t yet have a partner join our matchmaking sessions!

I am the target text.

You will have the opportunity to pitch your idea and search for research or implementation partners from our wide consortium, get feedback, and potentially a partner that will collaborate with you for the duration of the program!

Your pitch will be recorded so other potential partners can watch it later and join your initiative. All you need to do is come, present your idea in 5 minutes, explain the type of partner you are looking for (research, clinical, implementation) and get ready to meet new people!

What type of innovation are you looking for?

We are looking for radical innovation. Radical innovation ideas create new products, services or processes with new properties and forms through completely new approaches. They can develop entire industries and markets without destroying them.

What happens after I'm selected?

After you’ve been selected, you will be part of the program together with other 19 ideas.
The program will run in 3 stages, with two selection points:
Stage 1 – feasibility – 20 ideas will get 3’000CHF and participate in a bootcamp
Stage 2 – prototyping – 10 ideas will get 10’000CHF and 30h of individualized coaching
Stage 3 – MVP – 5 ideas will receive special prizes and 20’000CHF in cash for further testing

When does the program start?

The 20 selected ideas will be announced in the second week of June.
After that, the program is expected to start at the beginning of July.

How can I be informed of all the news?

Follow our LinkedIn page or our Twitter to be informed of the news about this program.

What is Innosuisse?

Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. Its role is to promote science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland. Read more about them here

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