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Innovation Booster Digital Health Nation

Application opens from 17 April to 27 May

Transforming healthcare together

The Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster, in partnership with Innosuisse, fosters radical innovation in Swiss healthcare by transforming ideas into solutions that deliver real value to patients and healthcare professionals. ​ ​

Our open innovation bring experts, patients, and entrepreneurs together to identify challenges and explore innovative solutions that blend health and technology. Our accelerator programs provide funding and support to develop winning ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). ​
Join us to transform healthcare together.​ We are currently working with 20 teams to support their ideas through their feasibility stage.

Express interest
projects accelerated per year
Swiss francs per idea in non-dilutive funding
hours of individualized coaching per idea

How we help

From problem to idea
Through our public event series, we collaborate with patients, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs to explore solutions to healthcare challenges.

From idea to MVP
Our accelerator program offers guidance and support, with experts providing customized coaching on feasibility, prototyping, and market readiness. Plus, we provide non-dilutive funding of up to 20,000 CHF per phase.

Preparing you for success

We ensure success at every stage of your project, from ideation to MVP launch.

Extensive networking

Connect with digital health leaders and end-users through our extensive network.

Customized coaching

Realize your idea with 30+ hours of personalized mentoring from leading experts.

Secure non-dilutive funding

Receive up to CHF 20,000 to develop and validate your MVP.​

Enhance your visibility

Pitch your digital health startup to investors, partners, and users at Day One events.

Innovation space

Collaborate and elevate your skills in our Switzerland Innovation Parks Basel Area workspace​.

​Open innovation methodology

Co-create your product with patient champions and users for guaranteed success. 



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Strategic partners
Supporting partners
Community partners

Interested in partnering with us?

To be part of a public-private consortium, sponsor an annual theme and access radical innovation processes and start-ups – please contact Yana Yoncheva to learn more about partnership possibilities.


Who can apply?

Application requirements: ​​ ​
1. Be a team including a research partner and an implementation partner. ​​ ​
2. Be legal entities registered in Switzerland. ​​ ​
3. Have an idea that fits under one of the 2023 thematic priorities.​

If you have any questions about the requirements, please refer to our FAQ section or contact us via email.​ ​ Our program manager will be happy to support you.

How to apply

Ready for the next step? Your success is only three steps away.
Optional – You can submit your application and express your interest in the program at any time throughout the year.​​

Application process: ​
1. Refine your idea and find partners by attending our events, where you can meet potential collaborators and gain insight into the 2023 challenges.
2. Submit your application between 17th April and 27th May.
3. We will contact the 20 selected ideas on 5th June.

Who is eligible to apply for the accelerator program and funding?

​To be eligible for the Innovation Booster program, teams must have at least one research partner and one implementation partner. Research partners can be university research institutes, non-commercial research centers, departmental research institutions, or federal research institutes. Implementation partners can be start-ups, SMEs, larger companies, non-profit organizations, or others with the potential to contribute to the innovation process.​ The definition of implementation partners is flexible and depends on the nature of the idea being explored. For ideas that are further away from the final customer or B2B projects, research or non-commercial organizations can serve as implementation partners, conducting initial tests with a limited number of users or testing the idea in a limited field. However, for ideas that are closer to the market or B2C products and services, implementation partners must have the capability to offer industrialization or mass production, commercialization, and product or service support, depending on the specific case. It is the responsibility of each Innovation Booster to assess the implementation partners of the supported innovation teams according to this definition.​

Is Swiss residency a requirement for applying to the program?

Innovation boosters aim to promote the economical and societal development of Switzerland, and the ideas must directly contribute to this goal. While international partners can be included in innovation teams, the primary benefit should be for the Swiss economy and society.

The following conditions apply: ​ ​ ​
1. IBs must award and release the innovation team funding to a Swiss beneficiary ​
2. Swiss implementation partner required in every innovation team and value creation must be in Switzerland.

What are the program expectations of me?

To fully benefit from the program, we ask for your full dedication to developing your idea. This includes attending workshops and coaching sessions with our team, as well as participating in internal pitch days and demos. It’s mandatory for at least one team member to participate in the designated bootcamps (feasibility, prototyping, readiness) and pitch sessions (selection of best10, selection of best5) to receive the funding. We also require that you meet your milestones and show commitment to the program throughout its duration.

Can I apply as an individual person?

Individuals can participate in the program as long as they are part of an innovation team. However, only legal entities are eligible for funding, and individuals cannot claim expenses directly from the program. If you have an idea but are not yet incorporated as a legal entity, you can contact DayOne or attend one of our program events to learn how we can support you in the process.

How can I find my partner?

If you’re looking for partners to form an innovation team for your idea, we’re here to help. Join our digital health nation events or contact our program manager to connect with potential partners and explore your idea.

How does the selection process work?

1. Apply to the DayOne Accelerator program by filling out the form on the DayOne website, which is available year-round.
Follow this link:
2. Every year, we will have an active call for applications (in 2023, it will be from 17th April to 27th May). During this time, all applications received will be reviewed. Eligible applicants will receive an email with a link to the second stage application page. If they fit the requirements, they will receive a link to the full application via an online portal, which takes about an hour to complete.
3. Our panel of experts will assess each application based on its innovation level, feasibility, and potential impact on the Swiss economy and society, among other criteria aligned with the annual priorities.​​
4. The 20 selected ideas will be notified by email at the end of the selection process (May 2023) to confirm their participation in the program.

If your idea is selected.

Once selected, you will receive an invitation to sign the program agreement, which includes funding limits and conditions, requirements, and benefits, as well as details about the innovation team members.

How do the different phases of the program work?

The program will run in 3 stages, with two selection points:​​
Stage 1. Feasibility – 20 ideas will get 3,500CHF and participate in a 3-day feasibility bootcamp.​​
Stage 2. Prototyping – 10 ideas will get up to 11,000CHF for their idea plus 5,000CHF for coaching and participate in a 2-day prototyping bootcamp.​​
Stage 3. Readiness & Go to market – 5 ideas will receive special prizes and 2,500CHF for further testing and validation of go to market and readiness.

The ideas are selected in pitch sessions by the evaluation committee at the end of each phase. 

What are the key dates for the 2023 program?

17th April to 27th May – Open call for applications
11th June – Confirmation of ideas selected
28th – 30th June, onsite Feasibility bootcamp, Basel
30th August TBC, Hybrid Selection of Best10
13th – 14th September, Onsite Prototyping bootcamp, Basel
12th October TBC, Hybrid Selection of Best5
2nd November, Onsite Readiness bootcamp, Basel
28th – 29th November, Onsite – Conference and public pitches, Basel

In case we receive funding, for which activities can it be used?

The Innovation Booster supports selected innovation teams with dedicated innovation team funding. ​​Innovation teams can use this support exclusively for necessary expenses connected to the exploration of their idea for a radical solution.  ​​

Eligible expenses can include expenses for: 

● feasibility, user or market studies;

● the development of explorative models and prototypes to illustrate innovation ideas and test potential solutions; ​

● the methodological support provided to the innovation teams by specialists, for example using design thinking methods.

How can I be informed of all the news?

Follow our LinkedIn page to be informed of the news about this program.

Talk to our expert

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