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Meet the DayOne Accelerator ventures for 2021. Their efforts span across the themes of Value Based Healthcare, Patient Centric Innovation and Diabetes care.

The six ventures are:

OptiChroniX, develops a Digital Therapeutic for People with MCI or Early Alzheimer’s and an accompanying application for their carers, aiming to preserve cognitive function and independent living for longer.

MagnesNUSHU Smart shoes with haptic feedback – a real-life-monitoring solution to analyze walk patterns of patients with neurological disorders.

IBD Relief, is a patient education App & related Platform allowing clinicians to prescribe personalized information and education to empower people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

WhachaCallitMed is an internet platform for patients and their families to simplify and translate their medical reports to obtain a lay-language summary, incl. access to terminology dictionary, immersive reader, and scoring.

Myov, is a saliva-based device, developed by Natila care for couples who are planning a baby, that determines accurately the female fertile days using an AI-enabled smartphone application.

IPDx, which is developing biomarkers to identify immunological changes caused by diabetes and thus inform the optimal care pathway.

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