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Talking to customers and finding out the real job that they need doing is a key skill for any start-up. This is particularly true for the DayOne accelerator teams due to the complicated nature of the healthcare market. They need to find the real jobs to be done for both the end-users and the payers and for some of them also the organisations that will approve their products for use.

the mom test image

Aurelie Moser and Viktor Bullain prepared the teams for these conversations over three weeks based on the presentation below. We were also joined by Désirée Mettraux from Creadi who shared her experience of Customer Interviews and the need to both be able to

Her book tip was The Mom Test – how to talk to customers and tell if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you.

More info on the accelerator here.

DayOne Accelerator customer insights workshop from dayonebasel