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Medtech Congress 2024:

Building the future of medical device technology through innovation and collaboration

Join us for the Medtech Congress on October 30th, 2024, at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – site Jura, located at Places des Sciences 2, 2822 Courroux, Switzerland.

This groundbreaking event promises to be the highlight of the year for the medtech community in the Canton of Jura and beyond.

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Objectives of the 2024 edition

Strengthening the medtech community
The highlight event of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area site Jura
Networking and collaboration
Stay informed about the latest trends of the medtech industry
Showcasing Jura’s excellence in medtech and precision technology
Meet the innovators from the DayOne Tech startup program

Tentative topics for 2024:

Program still under construction

  • Keynote conference: the future of medtech production. Advanced medical devices: minimal invasive technology, robotics surgery an opportunity for the Jura.
  • Deep Dive sessions:
    – Startup Track: How to accelerate collaboration with Hospitals and SMEs
    – Medtech SME Track: Collaboration Between Medtech manufacturers and Watchmaking suppliers (micromechanics /precision technology)
  • Round Table 1: How to finance my innovation: Investment and Funding possibilities for SMEs and Startups in Medtech
  • Round Table 2: Collaboration & opportunities for SMEs suppliers & startups. Use cases in Orthopaedics


Mixed formats for more interaction between participants (with networking sessions)
Keynote conferences, roundtables, startup pitches, industry presentations, deep dive sessions for startups or SMEs.
For October 31st, company visits in the Jura (to be confirmed if enough registered participants)

Participants Profile:

  • Local Jura SMEs decision-makers
  • Large Medtech corporations
  • Medtech Startups founders from the DayOne Tech
  • Academia & research centers
  • Doctors & nurses
  • Local authorities
  • Service providers
  • Experts/consultants

What to expect and get from the Medtech Congress

• Be where medtech innovation takes place in the Jura
• Do network to connect & enable business opportunities with local companies and startups
• Foster collaboration with local SMEs, startups & hospitals
• Meet potential investors
• Meet experts and learn about the biggest trends in the medtech industry
• Get a better understanding of the local companies’ expertise

Want to know more about the 2023 edition?
Check the video below.

Last year’s topics:

  • Profit amplifiers: The impact of smart devices on business growth and revenue streams
  • Beyond profit: Building a sustainable medtech ecosystem for lasting success
  • The great convergence: Redefining healthcare through consolidation and related new challenges
  • Red tape, green light: Navigating medtech’s regulatory landscape

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