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The DayOne Health Hack: Data Future

The first patient-centric Health Hack in Switzerland

What’s the best way to transform the healthcare industry?

We assemble diverse, interdisciplinary teams of experts, practitioners, and outside-the-box thinkers to tackle specific challenges in defined environments. The DayOne Health Hack, created by Digital Health Nation, embodies this collaborative approach to innovation. By participating in this event, individuals can put their ideas into action and develop practical and creative solutions to real-world healthcare problems. The event’s philosophy is encapsulated in the motto “just do it”, emphasizing the importance of taking bold and decisive action to drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry. It is a “non-code” event, so everyone can contribute to developing solutions that improve patient’s lives.

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Why you should join?

Who should register?

  • Patients, caregivers 
  • Clinicians, providers 
  • Insurers, payers  
  • Data scientists 
  • Tech professionals (software, hardware) 
  • Any other person interested in data in healthcare 


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Our agenda is packed with exciting events, and we’ll be announcing our mentors and speakers shortly. In the meantime, save the dates! Whether you have just a little time or a lot, there’s something in the Hack for everyone.

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2 May (13:00-15:30 p.m.) – Kickoff ceremony

Lecture on data in healthcare, meet the end users, get started with the platform – everything you need to make the best of the Hack and find your team if you don`t have one yet.

3-10 May   Daily webinars / Mentoring sessions

Co-create your ideas and exchange with end users, such as patient champions and healthcare professionals. 

11 May, 10 a.m. – Closing submission of projects 

12 May (16:00-19:00 p.m.) – Closing and Award ceremony

Watch the 5 best teams pitch, top notch lecture on data in healthcare, vote for the winning team.


We are addressing real challenges based on the needs of patient champions and healthcare professionals, who will be taking an active part throughout the program. You willmeet the end users during the Health Hack and deep-dive into finding solutions together.

Main focus areas are:

  • Patient engagement and empowerment
  • Healthcare information quality, access, and interoperability
  • Value based healthcare (VBHC)
  • Healthcare professional (HCP) education and adoption of digital tools, such as Clinical Decision Support Systems and Remote Health Management (Remote Patient Monitoring RPM)  

Have a look at the 2022 edition







Register before 1st May to participate in the DayOne Health Hack: Data Futures or to attend our kick-off and closing and award ceremony.

Why should you partner with us?

Access to talent and new ideas.

Experience a new level of innovation by tapping into a diverse community of 250+ creative thinkers, ranging from patients and data scientists to healthcare professionals and technology experts. Your teams can access a wealth of new ideas from the ecosystem and gain a fresh perspective on healthcare challenges.

Co-creation of challenges.

Collaborate directly with patient champions and clinicians to co-create innovative solutions. Join our curation workshops for exclusive 1:1 interactions with end-users and gather valuable insights and feedback to inform your company’s product development and strategy. With a diverse group of participants, you’ll have access to a broad range of perspectives and expertise. And with a platform for rapid prototyping and experimentation, you can drive innovation and bring your ideas to life faster than ever.

Showcase your brand.

Elevate your brand by showcasing your values and expertise through direct interactions with participants. Host a custom webinar and communication channel to tailor your messages and interact with participants in real-time. As part of the DayOne network, you’ll gain access to a diverse audience and channels with over 90,000 web views and 4,000+ LinkedIn followers. By sponsoring a hack, you’re not just promoting your brand, you’re also supporting a worthy cause.: Healthcare is a critical issue that impacts everyone, and your sponsorship can help develop new tools and technologies to improve healthcare outcomes.

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