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DayOne supports collaboration and Swiss innovation by encouraging hands-on participation across disciplines and industries to deliver solutions that are shaping the future of health. We provide a neutral innovation platform along with a unique bundle of services and events that reinforce each other and enable healthcare transformation.
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A network to connect: benefit from Swiss innovation

We’re cultivating a community of collaborators from industry, academia and government alongside healthcare providers, patients and payors, entrepreneurs and investors who want to share ideas and find ways to shape the future of health.

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Events to get inspired

We host a variety of events ranging from evening sessions to co-creation workshops to open innovation conferences and hackathons that bring together a vibrant community of industry professionals, experts and stakeholders in precision medicine and digital health.

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Catalyst projects to activate

Our catalyst projects tackle bottleneck issues in healthcare by breaking down silos to reach across disciplines and industries and find solutions that connect technology, data and innovative thinking.

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Acceleration to grow

The DayOne Accelerator supports promising new digital health and precision medicine ventures with guidance, mentorship, funding and collaborative workspaces.

Attend our DayOne Conference – the flagship event

Our annual conference features speakers and thought leaders on the topics of precision medicine, personalized healthcare, digital innovation and the future of health. Our co-creation session, in the form of a large-scale workshop, is a unique platform to share and transfer knowledge between the different ecosystem players.
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