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OoNiDa ( is a not-for-profit company based in Basel. They have the vision to “act as a neutral, secure and integral steward of health information and who will work to improve the efficiency of all partners in the health ecosystem and improve overall population health“. The offering is based on blockchain technology, enhanced by the IHAN concept, developed in partnership with Sitra ( in Finland. The Digital Switzerland steering board approved OoNiDa as one of the Matterhorn Projects to improve the digital capability of Switzerland. The OoNida team under the leadership of CEO Andy Bushell is going full-speed to deploy the offering across multiple geographies (Switzerland, Estonia and Kenya).


OoNiDa approached DayOne to bring together a cross-industry and cross-institution team to validate and refine some aspects of the business model and launch sequence. The effort culminated in a full-day workshop, bringing together bringing 15+ healthcare innovators from the Basel Ecosystem in our DayOne Innovation Lab at the Technologie Park Basel.


The team designed future-state business models for OoNiDa, centered on a common vision to empower patients to better access and navigate the healthcare systems:

•    A core value proposition in allowing patients to own and control their personal/health data for empowerment and peace of mind and to help them facilitate access and better navigate the healthcare system
•    Value derived from sharing the data with stakeholders of the healthcare system to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the system as a whole via orchestration
•    The underlying principle is the one of trust that will be conveyed by the platform

The teams developed different, but not mutually-exclusive revenue models for the businesses:

•    Reduced Premiums: The underlying principle is the one of reduced premium by insurance in exchange of the provision of data
•    Rewards: The underlying principle is the one of rewards (financial or other) to the patients from stakeholders (including commercial stakeholders) in exchange of the provision of data

Minimal Viable Products were then developed for both business models with a focus on a rapid launch for validation by customers in the local market in Basel. The MVPs converged around the following elements:

•    An initial focus on Pregnancy in Basel
•    A value proposition of providing peace of mind through visibility on Health Status, on-going treatments and advice for healthy behaviours
•    The value proposition is to enable a (virtual) coach, a community (forum) and partners. An application improves communication with midwives and helps to find reliable information and a calendar for scheduling appointments.
•    The service will be set up in partnership with the local hospitals and associated pregnancy and paediatric services.

We closed the day with the design of the roadmap for launch and deployment of OoNiDa as a transformative agent of Healthcare systems.

We would like to thank all workshop participants for their contribution!

The workshop design based on the Business Model Canvas methodology by Strategyzer (

If you want to be involved with the project, please contact Alina and Andy at: and