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Quality of Life

According to the latest Mercer Ranking, Basel is a global top 10 city to live in. The climate of the Rhine Valley is very agreeable and there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the surrounding countryside. Distances are short and public safety is very high.

#1 Swiss expat location

Greater Basel impresses with an outstanding quality of living and ranks among the top 10 cities to live in the world, which is also why it is so popular among expats. One in ten inhabitants is an expat. Connect with locals and newcomers alike through one of many international networks, such as baselconnect or during a stroll along the Rhywiera.

Basel scores tenth place in quality of living rankingBasel attracts international professionalsBasel – a welcoming city for expatriates“A good network is power”Baselconnect

Cosmopolitan spirit

Greater Basel's location at the corner of three countries makes it an international melting pot. You will not only hear German, English, French and other foreign other languages spoken, but also get to meet people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Have breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in France, and dinner in Germany. 

3 countries in 10 min

Go for a run across three countries before heading to the office. Make it to Germany, France and back to Basel within a couple of minutes. Don't forget to bring your passport.


Basel's wonderful riverside is also called the Rhyviera. Why? We have 300 days of sunshine and a mediterranean climate. Cool down with a refreshing swim in the Rhine river, enjoy a floating concert or take a stroll along the promenade.

Ride, hike & climb

Riding the bycicle is popular in Greater Basel - for the daily commute as well as for some up-down-mountainbiking. Hundreds of kilometers of well-signaled hiking routes and a great variety of climbing trails await you.

Home of sport legends

King Roger Maestro aka Roger Federer was born and raised in Greater Basel. Sports legends have a long tradition: In 1893, Basel's soccer club FCB was founded and still makes us cheer today. Soccer star Mohamed Salah's astonishing career took off in Basel.

www.rogerfederer.comwww.fcb.chMohamed Salah's time at Basel: The making of Liverpool’s newest hero

300 days of sunshine

It is easier to appreciate the sweet outdoor life when the sun is shining. Which it does on 300 days a year in Greater Basel. For the other days, why not visit one of over 40 museums?

Guidelines for Rhine Swimmers

40 international schools

From daycare to senior level, there are numerous international schools in Greater Basel. Private and international schools in Basel have different course structures and curricula, enabling a choice in finding the best school for children's needs and future goals. Apart from preparing for the International Baccalaureate, French and German state exams, and entrance to English and American universities, students can also prepare for the Swiss Federal Maturity.

More expats at Basel’s schools


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Gabriela Güntherodt

Your contact person

Gabriela Güntherodt

Head of International Markets & Business Affairs, Member of the Management Board

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