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Kollegienhaus Universität Basel (img: Christian Flierl)


University of Basel amongst the most innovative in Europe

Thomson Reuters has published its annual report on Europe’s Most Innovative Universities. Switzerland has four in the top 20. The University of Basel is among them.

Swiss universities are regarded as being particularly innovative in Europe.  This is demonstrated in the latest “Europe’s Most Innovative Universities Rankings” published by Thomson Reuters. Four Swiss universities have made it into the top 20, namely, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in fifth place, the University of Zurich (UZH) in ninth, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) in tenth and the University of Basel at number 19. The University of Geneva is also represented in the top 100.

One of the criteria for entry in the ranking list is the number of patents filed and approved. In addition to the number of patents, the rankings also take into account how often these patents and other scientific publications were cited in research publications in industry journals or other patents.

The University of Basel submitted 69 patents, 30.4 percent of which were approved. A report on the rankings highlights two developments at the University of Basel. First, scientists at the University of Basel have found a way to use engineered white blood cells to increase the success of organ transplants. Second, Professor Alex Schier has identified the process that allows individual embryonic cells to develop into heart, nerve or blood cells. He was awarded Science Magazine’s 2018 “Breakthrough of the Year” award for his work.

This year, the rankings are topped by Belgium’s KU Leuven, followed by Germany’s University of Erlangen Nuremberg and Imperial College London in the UK. German universities account for more entrants than any other country, with 23 institutions in the top 100. The UK has 21 schools, France has 18 universities and the Netherlands have nine. Switzerland is in fifth place with the five represented universities and shares this ranking with Spain.

Every year Reuters presents the latest version of its European university rankings. For this year’s rankings 180 universities were considered.

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