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SpiroChem enters into partnership with UK’s Domainex

In future, UK drug discovery services company Domainex will be using molecular fragments from SpiroChem in its discovery work for new agents. As a result, it wants to increase hits for its clients. supported SpiroChem in moving its headquarters from Zurich to Basel in 2017. Now SpiroChem has agreed a strategic partnership with Domainex. In delivering new leads for discovery to its clients in the pharma industry, the UK pharma services company will be able draw on a diverse set of SpiroChem fragments in future, the companies write in a press release. The fragments from SpiroChem provide unique chemical diversity, particularly in terms of three-dimensional chemotypes. Through their partnership, the two companies hope to increase the number of hits for clients. 

Tom Mander, Chief Operating Officer of Domainex, highlights the strong reputation for innovation of the Basel fine chemistry specialist as one of the reasons for the collaboration with SpiroChem. “The additional diversity that their fragments bring to our existing collection will further strengthen and differentiate our world-leading position in fragment-based drug discovery,” he says in the press release.

SpiroChem’s CEO Thomas Fessard has observed a booming demand for the fragment collections of his company. “Obviously, with higher structural complexity, fragment evolution capabilities require special synthetic skills that SpiroChem is mastering, thereby allowing for efficient fragment evolution and exploration of their chemical space.”

Founded in 2011, SpiroChem is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and has been based in Basel since 2017. The company produces new classes of molecules that are used in the R&D of medications.

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