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An intense program questioning all aspects of the businesses

accelerator programme

The Bootcamp and therefore the second edition of the DayOne Accelerator has started! During the next six months, the teams of Zoundream, Haako, Wello Health, Rekonas, Nutrix and the Virtual Doctors will be supported by the DayOne-Team, as well as experts from the Ecosystem. Read more about the teams here.

During the Bootcamp, the startups were introduced to sketching as a tool for communication, which was the first step to get them out of their comfort zone. During the following workshops, they described in-depth their value proposition, began to describe how their business models in digital health could look like, learned a little about themselves and teams and worked on talking to customers.

A highlight of the two weeks was a workshop in Human Centred Design with Raimund Erdmann, an experienced designer that has helped multiple Medical Device and Digital Health companies. This included a day spent at the UKBB with clinicians sharing valuable insights into their challenges that could be relevant for each team. A great chance to bring the startup and clinical research worlds closer together.

Over the next few months, the teams will focus on strengthening themselves and their teams, getting insight from customers, testing a business model and developing and testing prototypes, and not least finding funding!

A special thanks also to our lead coach Aurélie Moser and the other coaches Hans-Peter Frank, Egle B. Thomas, Gieri Cathomas and Adrian Sprenger who will be in close contact with our startups over the next six months.

If you have something to contribute to the Accelerator or want to be part of the future Accelerator Mentoring Team, please get in touch with us here.